The Clowns Are At It Again

Trying to understand the logic of some liberals is like trying to smell the color 9.

So … the  government is “shut down” because liberals prefer to defend illegals rather than defend you.

Think about that.


This is your “Twilight Zone” moment …  what America would be like without President Trump …  a peek into the future that isn’t.  The hellhole we escaped.

We’re still a mess … and still a cultural pile-up.

But we’re getting well again.


But we should fear some of our own political leaders. They’re real destroyers.

Schumer. Pelosi. Durbin. Obama.

For a long while, liberal politicians and their ear-whisperers rationalized irrational, tortured logic, contorted common sense, and mocked us for not embracing their cultural caricatures. And we nodded them on.

We’ve been chided, emasculated, de-sexed, over-sexed, and called this and that because we weren’t on-board with their over-board immodesties … and their screwy ideologies.

 They sell us dreams and deliver nightmares.

And now they can’t stop. So we have to stop them. And that’s what President Trump is doing.

Most of us aren’t part of anything extreme. Lots love this country and have their patriotism in good balance. We know we make mistakes, but we like our wrongs righted. We are a very decent people.

But liberals accuse us of absolute horrors because we won’t sign on to their madness.

Nothing spotlights our utter collapse more than “sanctuary cities”. These independent islands of lunacy smirk at federal laws … and then set their own policies that impact us all.


Open-border evangelists demand that our borders be flung wide-open so the whole world can wash up on our shores. It makes them feel good … but it makes us poorer and less safe. It serves the political cause of liberals … and ruins your schools and hospitals and neighborhoods.

Many cities have slid right off the rails.

Some have official, public piss walls for the homeless. That’s supposed to cure some sort of inequality. No, it doesn’t. It just makes that city smell like … like piss.

And it pisses us off … .

Just like other things in their “New” America that we don’t much want … sloppy voting regulations, free birth control, and prayer spots for Islamics in public school … where a mention of Jesus will cost you your job. All nonsense.

Crappy heath insurance rammed down our throats, gender nonsense, multi-million dollar politicians claiming they feel the pain of the poor, and public schools turned into cash machines by swindlers and racketeers.

You gettin’ the picture here?

Free cell phones for the idle, welfare for generations, riots that are looting free-for-alls, and waves of refugees dumped in our towns and stuffed into our schools … without our permission. As usual.

These kinds of dysfunctions are everywhere. images-9.jpeg

Humor has been swapped out for ridicule. TV tip-toes the smut-line. Self-congratulatory awards shows feed the ego epidemic in Hollywood. Popular music is all about dead cops, big-ass bitches, and lots of ho’s. Let’s not dance and say we did.

Politicians cut deals on tarmacs and cut the legs off candidates favored by the public. They weaponize the IRS and the FBI against their political enemies … and maybe get away with it!

They double-speak and double-cross … and then double-down on their phony virtue. They live in an alternate reality … divorced from our reality. And they get off the hook while we’re left hanging.


We’ve been suckered into these ideological wars that have turned us into idiots.

Let’s get something straight:  Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon … no matter how good you are, the bird is gonna shit on the board and strut around like it won. Like Schumer and Pelosi this morning.

We fight their idiocy like idiots. That puts us in bad company.

We’d better decide who we want to be once for all  … because there are not a lot of Donald Trumps out there.

This might be our last chance.  And that’s not a dramatic statement at all.

Imagine waking up to

President Hillary Clinton.

Denis Ian



5 thoughts on “The Clowns Are At It Again

  1. Wow! Simply wow. You are speaking my language. Thank you for saying what everyone of us American-loving people would like to say but will lose people in our very own families for doing so because of the hypocrisies we face today. It is a crazy world we live in….I hope it changes soon but I know that it will not until I am six feet under. God Bless!

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