The Gov’s Father – Family Dynasty

Confidence is a nice suit. Arrogance is the same suit … with suspenders, Italian loafers, and gold cuff links.”

Meet Andrew Cuomo. Governor of New York.

Well tailored in arrogance.

Not quite content with a modest marker for his father’s grave, he’s decided on a three mile long masterwork … across the Hudson River … which might yet be renamed the Rubicon if this political nonsense continues.

Cuomo the Lesser is offended that New Yorkers are offended by this publicly-funded, family memorial … to which they’ll be mortgaged to for the rest of their mortal lives.

And that, dear plebeians, is a tell-tale symptom of congestive arrogance.


This public tempest has more than pricked the dutiful son … and now he’s full of snit.

Irritated. Galled.

Peeved that some taxpaying peons of the Empire State find corrupt intrigue in this imperial monument to Il Papà.

After all … the loyal-royal son reasons … it’s just a three mile long bridge, for goodness sakes. It’s not like a movie trilogy.

So now we have “The Displeased” to keep company with “The Deplorables” … and more than 100,000 of them have signed an angry petition to preserve the original name … “The Tappan Zee” … and deny Il Duce the chance to immortalize the Cuomo family name … as he positions himself for a White House run. 

“It’s a brand new bridge,” insists the Governor. “It deserved a new name … there’s nobody who could say (Mario Cuomo) wasn’t a man of quality …”

Is that an offer we shouldn’t refuse?

So I guess this is where the soundtrack kicks in … and Andrew stuffs cotton balls in his jowls … and does the Marlon mumble.

“I believe it’s mean … I believe it’s vindictive … personally hurtful.”

That’s a biga plate a vendetta parmigiana … with a bowla cold revenge, si?

Mamma mia! Can you hear those violin cases snappin’ open?!?!

NO! NO! NO! … mi raccomando!

Everyday New Yorkers think it’s impolitic. Injudicious. And freakin’ ballsy. They’re sick of narcissistic public servants who are quick to serve themselves … like this disturbing determination to rushmore Mario Cuomo into dubious immortality.


What’s wrong with a new playground? A municipal garage? How about a bus stop or perhaps a pond in the woods? Does it have to be a THREE MILE LONG BRIDGE? Isn’t that a bit Caesarian?

But Il Duce demands that we like it … because it’s his father … il capo della famiglia … The Govfather.


You have an extreme conservative group that’s running a campaign against my father’s name …”

And you can almost hear him seethe …

“… don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again.”

Remember …  you don’t wanna swim with the fishes under that bridge.

Vote for Molinaro. Take the cannoli.

Denisimo Iannucci

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