Contrarian Clowns

The most nauseating political reveal of the last decade is the Left’s determination to be contrarian clowns.

For the most part, their adversarial positions are not rooted in any logic.

The counteraction of the Left fulfills their queer conviction to rub against the grain of mainstream America as often as possible.



In silly speak, the American Left is a bunch of brats.

Pathetical punks who have habitualized the asinine. Whatever the issue, the Left is a goofy … and reliable … opposition because that’s what they do. Apparently, it’s all they can do.

Sanctuary cities, indefensible immigration demands, gender-screwy bathrooms … each a cause du jour because it serves their contradictory predisposition … and their determination to be annoying.

They are America’s pain in the ass.

The Left has cultivated an image of immaturity that’ll be tough to scrub away. They have this talent for the juvenile … and a puerile penchant for fatigued and obsolete tactics like silly sit-ins and dopey chants … and the wooly language of gross exaggeration


They make America moan with boredom.

The American liberals are suffering from an especially long-lasting episode of arrested development. Their reckless willingness to make mountains out of mole hills exhausts us all.

Their persecution of small town bakers and their defense of disenchanted, kneeling millionaires is so knee-jerky and silly that Middle America has ceased listening to these liberal Don Rickles who spend their waking moments pissing on America.

America is now allergic to the liberal message because it’s so pathetically snotty.

American liberals have become reliable buffoons.

Famous fools.

Always dependable fops who will … regardless of the issue … assume the most outrageous and most antagonistic position because that’s become their habit. Their political way of life.

Negativism is not a winning strategy.  Although I can understand it in the aftermath of hope and change.

Anything is better than the Obama years … and our current knee-deep embarrassment in his banana republic legacy.


Denis Ian

3 thoughts on “Contrarian Clowns

  1. This is the most accurate description of the liberal mind ever, Denis. They have no proactive agenda. They have only opposition. It’s been that way for decades now. Other than promoting Socialism, they have not proposed a solution to any of our problems. Their solution to any problem is to throw money at it. And that arises from the fact that they equate money with power so anyone with significant money/assets, presents a threat to them. Remove it from those who have it and leave them powerless. Wealth represents Sampson’s hair to them.

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  2. Couldn’t agree more! I believe these fools are neither stupid nor capricious. They are delibrate and dangerous in their ideology. These buffoons are malicious in their conceit and in their selfishness. I call them evil and they have accomplished great power many times over in history causing incredible horrors and suffering for mankind.

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