The Legacy of the American Judas


The Obama legacy.


This episode of dossiers and wire-taps and bogus investigations is all that remains of a presidency bloated with egoism, famed in corruption, and consumed by vendettas.

His was a presidency that trampled on the principles of American politics by contaminating the election process. By tremoring the bedrock of this republic.

The easy temptation is to confine this politburo-style heavy-handedness to Donald Trump. To examine this mess only in the context of his election and his young presidency.


This, however, goes beyond Donald Trump. Beyond the obvious. Beyond belief.

Barack Obama sought to destroy this republic. To vandalize its political heritage. To destroy it from within.

Obama sabotaged the substructure of our political system.

He weaponized government agencies … commandeered them to serve his political ideology. And he commanded those around him … those in his immediate circle … to conspire with him. Bending them to his political will with flimsy dossiers, false pretenses, and manufactured evidence presented as hard truths to the public … and to the courts.


This all began long before the current moment. The destruction of Donald Trump was a secondary ambition to his destruction of America.

And to the end, he enjoined the IRS, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the EPA … and other arms of government … to collude with him. To do his bidding. To circumvent processes so he could corrupt not only a national election, but also shred the fabric of America with the stroke of a pen … and by fiat of executive orders.


And Walter Scott was right … “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” … because sedition is a complicated business. And Obama lost control of his own treachery … and his political frankensteins. The plot grew too thick and the players too many.  And like all lies that depend on other lies, it wobbled beyond his control.


And it all fell apart.
So now it’s all laid bare … before us … to see for ourselves.

And it’s not so complicated at all … if you steer clear of the weeds … where liberals ambush logic … where they suffocate the truth with strangling rhetoric.


It’s important to not be numbed by the particulars.

To not be overwhelmed by the bizarrely preposterous Trump Dossier of Christopher Steele … and his willing believers at the DoJ. Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Tarmac . The missing Hillary Clinton emails and the Comey exoneration. Wire-taps of Trump. Lies to the FISA court. The Mueller investigation.

Campaign dollars passed around like political cocaine. Or the married FBI lawyer who exchanged 10,000 texts with her anti-Trump agent-lover … who was a key player in Mueller’s fraudulent Russia probe.


Those are the shiny objects. Stare too long and the big picture fuzzes up … and the liberal hypnosis sets in.

Steel yourself for the days ahead … for the assault by the political pundit-class and the media magistrates who will contort the truth and jelly-up the facts … in the hope that your big picture loses its focus … so you are once more dragged into the weeds.

The truth is now so clear. So obvious.

This messy moment belongs at the feet of Barack Obama.

He is the American Judas.


Denis Ian and Michelle Moore.

2 thoughts on “The Legacy of the American Judas

  1. “Well, Harris, we now know the facts of what happened. The Democratic Party hired the Perkins [Coie] law firm. The Perkins law firm hired Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele to go and dig up the dossier, and then they hired Nelly Ohr, the wife of Bruce Ohr to get the fake dossier from a political environment into the bloodstream of the intelligence community and to convert it into an intelligence document.

    And what’s most outrageous to me is that this fake dossier was so unreliable that the way that it was validated to the FISA Court was a Yahoo News article written by Michael Isikoff, planted by Christopher Steele.

    So Christopher Steele wrote the fake dossier, and then he went and planted fake news stories to validate the dossier.

    The FBI was going to pay Christopher Steele. They had authorized payment, but then when they found out he was talking to the media and that he was unreliable, they canceled payment to him. But even after canceling payment to Christopher Steele, the FBI and the Department of Justice re-authorized the FISA warrant to spy on American citizens based on a political document that had its origins at the Democratic National Committee.

    Harris, I’ve been waiting a long time to stitch together that fact pattern for the American people.”

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  2. Obama has one powerful card to pull at his disposal. Claim to be “Mr. Reformer” and claim that he’s the civil rights king and use his control of media and the “education” system to keep brainwashing and to keep the borders open to bring in his new voters just like Scar brought in the hyenas to help his rise to power.

    In short, he can play it off as “Republic lies and fake news” and with Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube cracking down on the truth, the truth can be suppressed so that people think Obama is a saint.

    We don’t have the time to outright try and vilianize Obama or we’ll never flip enough of his supporters to turn the tide with Convention of States.

    Besides, I think it goes deeper than Judas Barry. I think the RINO Pharisees are behind this too. They could have gotten Holder and Lerner for what they did. But they held back against Lerner cuz they hated the Tea Party too.

    Heck, I’d even go so far as to say that George W created DHS to WEAKEN America and that the TSA is also bad. DHS has been keeping our borders open and betraying us. TSA is weakening our freedoms. And the PATRIOT Act was a trap. The Left was clever to lobby againist it so that they could appear to be in favor of civil liberties. Heck, remember that it was the PATRIOT Act itself that helped create the very court that Obama abused to go after Trump.

    And the Bush family voted for Hillary in 2016.

    No, we’ll never win a war of R vs. D. Instead it needs to be a war of Americans against the corrupt federal government and its corporate, media, etc allies.

    I’ve seen people alarmed by how Congress is selling us out on H1Bs and even illegal immigration and how they are angry with Common Core, fed ed, “workforce development”, etc, not to mention NSA spying.

    I’d say targeting their system is the way to bring them down. Once people distrust the system enough, their wariness of Obama will happen naturally anyway.


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