Who Are We?


“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

We keep trying to run away from what we’ve become. But we’re in this moment because we invited it. By our silence.

“… the right is silenced in our culture — blacklisted and excluded and ignored in entertainment, mainstream news outlets, and the universities …”

And we allowed this to happen. So …

Politicians will go full-stoooopid to oppose the president … sympathizing with terrorists, law-breakers, rioters, kneeling idiots … and now street gangs that dismember people and kill cops.


 Why are they so comfortable doing that?

And people listen to these clowns. So more clowns emerge … Pelosi, Waters, Brown, and Cuomo.

We’ve grown lazy and complacent … and sloppy.

We’ve been captured by the unimportant … and the ludicrous.

We’ve excused away the ridiculous … because we don’t stand up for the truth. Or common sense.

“…  the degradation of our culture is almost entirely a leftist achievement.”

We’ve erased traditions … blurred our heritage … and seem determined to become part of the wretched rest of the world.

We’ve forfeited common sense for idiocy … and decency for immorality.

We’ve  chosen to suckle off government instead of nourishing ourselves with hard work and responsibility.

We’ve chosen to listen to the whine of the few and ignore concerns of the productive majority.

We’ve given in to the tyranny of the aggrieved … and it’s become an  epidemic.

And we have allowed the preposterous … the asinine … to become debatable.


“Over the last fifty years, it’s the left that has assaulted every moral norm and disdained every religious and cultural restraint.”

Name the issue and the Left has warped it … marriage, gender, borders, bathrooms, immigration, law enforcement, education, religion, morality … even childhood.


And we allowed them to tell us how to speak … and think … and act.

We’ve become that lazy.

That drowsy. That loafing. That indifferent.


America might be dying … our mirror-moment here … but still we endure this political and cultural kabuki … this insanity that’s supposed to pass for normal.


But the real problem … the real problem … is us.

We let this happen.

When do we stand up to these buffoons?

Denis Ian

6 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. Thank you for such a concise and accurate description of the cause for our current morally declining state of affairs. Your words are true, irrespective of one’s belief or non-belief in an Omnipotent Creator.

    May God bless you for challenging our current culture and I would request permission to submit your blog (with full credit to you) to our local newspaper (Winchester Star) Op-Ed section.

    In this neck of the woods we have a long standing newspaper that is turning increasingly liberal but the Editorial section (only because of the current editor) continues to speak clearly in a conservative, common sense voice and weekly waves the flag of reason as he and the rest of us are being bombarded with liberal, humanist propaganda (often drawn from The Associated Press and the Washington Post).

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  2. Check out the Tavistock Institute – its sole purpose is conditioning and mind control of the masses through the media and through education. Its aim is to prepare us for a World Dictatorship led by the anti-Christ.


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