You’ve Been Played – National School Walkout

“There’s nothing more we can say … THEY went there …
THEY rang the bell … it can’t be undone.” ~Cindy Curcio~

The recent National Walk-Out was staged political theatre … a  public abduction of America’s youth.

“It was savvy propaganda artists deliberately terrifying children by convincing them that they should be more afraid of going to school than of texting and driving as if the risks were actually reversed.” ~Anne LaValle

And so the liberal zealots raged on … claiming your public schools as their barracks … hostaging your children as ideological foot-soldiers in their progressive jihad to transform this nation into a social and political wreck that’s skidding into historical oblivion.

It was done in the schools you built … by the school leaders and teachers you pay … interrupting the education you expected … so they could protest the Constitution that protects us all from the sort of social and political tyranny that’s been inflicted on us by these misfits for a long while.


You’ve been played … and you know it.

Played by border nonsense and immigration idiocy … voter ID’s and travel bans … sanctuary nonsense … and sympathies for those who would kill us all.

Played by creepy bathroom edicts … gender goofiness … silly safe spaces … indoctrinating public schools … deceiving government agencies … poisoning colleges … and howling losers who want to cancel out your vote.

Played by nutty judges and their loony court rulings … by whacky politicians sermonizing about the evil of cutting taxes … and power-abusing civil servants who serve an ideology rather than serving you.

And where is the breaking point?  

I think it arrived … yesterday.

Denis Ian

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