Watch Where You’re Walkin’

San Francisco has a new treat …

and it ain’t Rice-a-Roni.

Tony Bennett might’ve left his heart in San Francisco … but others are leaving behind something very different … and it’s not so heartfelt.

Last week “… 20 pounds of poop were dumped on a sidewalk … in a clear bag and remained there for hours.” To marinate in the summer sun. Because San Francisco … now called San Feces … is the home of free-range crappers.

In 2017, more than 21,000 San Fecians complained about this … and more than 21,000 were ignored  … because San Feces doesn’t confront quality-of-life offenses anymore. Nope.

Real San Fecians.png

“Courts have been throwing out warrants for ‘quality of life’ violations” since way back in 2003

Why? Hurt feelings.

Most of these sidewalk squatters are homeless … even though they look like “Star Trek” extras … and, well, you shouldn’t kick ‘em while they’re down … and doin’ their business.

The heaviest violations in San Feces “include trespassing, living in a car, erecting a structure to live in a park, obstructing streets and sidewalks, loitering, aggressive panhandling, creating a public nuisance, urinating in public, and smoking in city parks and recreational areas” … and crapping on the sidewalks.  

And these violations are pretty much ignored. So ignored that “A major medical association is pulling its annual convention out of the city — saying its members no longer feel safe …” And so they’ll move it to a city that doesn’t require barf bags … and shoe-scrapers.

And guess what?

New York City is jealous.

Of San Feces.

Not kidding.

Maybe they should remaster Frank Sinatra’s hit song “New York, New York  … so it begins with a new line … “Start spreading the newspapers” … then maybe New York’s  homeless will show a bit more class than those curb-crappers out near San Francisco Bay.

Sinatra Sings NY NY .jpg

NYC ’s Mayor de Blasio … aka Mayor MeatHead … is doing his best to catch up with San Feces.



Next month, pot smokers are in the clear to fire ‘em up.  Won’t get busted for the buzz.  And he’ll also open up … are you ready for this? …  four “safe injection sites” where heroin users can shoot up … under the supervision of a doctor.


What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath?


See what we’re up against?

Which brings us to the “Broken Window Theory” championed by NY Mayor Giuliani way, way back … when he cleaned up New York … closed down the porn palaces, ran off the hookers, chased away the windshield-wiping hustlers … and got the mentally ill off the streets.

It’s the simple theory ”that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder … “ 


But the mayors of New York and San Feces know better.

They’re smarter. So they’ll ignore all that … and they’ll replace “zero tolerance” with their special brand of tolerance called  Anything Goes”.  

And so they’re going … all over San Francisco … on the curbs … in the gutters … in the parks … outside of restaurants.

Any place they can find a comfortable squat.  And it’s all okay because people have rights, you see?

And soon New York will be just as foul. Because this is America dipping her toes into that socialist nirvana that’s so the rage. So get your designer galoshes while you can … because the you-know-what is gonna hit the fan.

Think of it as the so-called slippery slope to socialism … on the bottom your shoes.

Denis Ian


Enjoy San Francisco & NY’s new city anthem … 



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