Out, Damned Spot!

“Something wicked this way comes” … and it’s not like we weren’t warned. 

On January 20, 1993, Bill Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd president of the United States … and the name “Hillary” crashed in popularity.

Hillary's Name.png

An omen for sure.

So America’s Lady Macbeth felt complete, but not complete enough. She was now First Lady …  but her ambitions were even greater than her husband’s.

For the next quarter century she slithered in and out of seedy circumstances … webbing her power … and chessing herself toward the presidency.

And it’s her malignant ambition that has brought us here … to this edgy moment of uneasy soul-searching … revealing a disturbing vulnerability we thought impossible.

Informing us that we have been careless caretakers of own good fortune. Of our own America.

And so now … now we are ripped apart because a bitter woman was denied her obsession … and revealed an autocratic tumor pressing on the spine of the Constitution.

Is America worth Hillary Clinton? Of course, not.

Still … we are in this combustible moment because a repugnant phony lied herself to prominence … macbething from one situation to the next … each with closer proximity to her presidency.

But the ruthlessness of the Clintons became sloppy and showy.

And that began her undoing. Their undoing.

And the undoing of those who had signed on with them. Those are the ones who are loudest now.

She was remarkable for her ambition … and famed for her callousness.  She tried to nurture her public image, but her private persona seeped through because she took insufficient care to dye her venom.

And so she lost the throne she never had … because she is allergic to truth … even small truths of no consequence.

Her first reaction is always to lie because … like Lady Macbeth … she reminds herself to “Let not light see my black and deep desires.” And there is lots of black.

Her dishonesty morphed her into a machiavellian caricature no one could love … made extra-ugly by her own snotty sense of entitlement. She couldn’t warm her personality with a charcoal pit. Could never make it pretty … or even agreeable … because she was so inauthentic.

And just as the ambitious Lady Macbeth asked the spirits to “unsex me”, so, too, did Hillary Clinton. And the spirits over-did it.

And so she was denied her throne despite the unconstitutional bean-counters who howled at the electoral moon.

It wasn’t the Russians. Or white women. Or some FBI doofus. Hillary Clinton lost because people hated her guts. Because she made their skin crawl. And they just couldn’t bring themselves to punish America so mercilessly.

And be sure of this about Lady Macbitch …

The Muellers and Comeys … the Brennans and the Clappers … are not defending Hillary Clinton at all.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 10.45.59 AM.png

They’re defending what she helped build … along with her calculating husband. It’s the career political class that is so shaken.

They’re defending this new order that doesn’t include your participation. The new politics that isn’t anchored in “We The People.” They’re angry that their “New America” was denied because Hillary Clinton couldn’t deliver the moment.

And that’s why we are in such a mess. Because Hillary Clinton fell down on the job. Because she was out-chessed by Donald Trump.

For three decades she moved toward that election moment.  That’s why she took those awful personal hits … and still stood tall next to the man who humiliated her before the whole world.

Doggy Bill.jpg

She took it all because her ambition was more important than her honor. Greater than her embarrassment. More dear than her pride.

After all,  her moment would come and she would become the face of power. And claim that special mention in everlasting history.

But her husband muddied her again … blew her a death-kiss on the tarmac. Supposed friends put their fortunes before hers.  And it all jammed together at the worst possible moment … in the middle of her certain election.

So … it all unraveled.

The FBI and the DoJ flubbed their roles.  Campaign strategists grew inattentive. And voters became perturbed with those who told them how to vote.

And so Hillary Clinton failed in her most important moment because she was the most inattentive of all.  Too consumed with the glory to come. The pageantry. The history of it all.

Donald Trump … the flimsy candidate she actually longed for … matched her calculated deceit with blunt honesty. Checked her brilliantly.

Checkmate 2.png

He dwarfed her in energy.  Countered her drone with the language … and spirit … of everyday people. Promising to restore America’s greatness rather than allow Hillary Clinton to create her “new” America.

So voters ran from her … and ran to him.

Because he promised to live in their reality …

to help build their future …

and to forfeit his life of ease and comfort.


Hillary Clinton promised them her future …

and to forfeit their America for her America.

She was never told it was all slipping away because she and her husband had become such dominating thugs … and no one would risk their careers … and maybe their lives … to tell them what they needed to hear.

And so … the Clintons drowned in their own arrogance. And nearly drowned us, too.

They had built an imperial institution … with international influence … for an intentional purpose. And that was to coronate Lady Macwitch.

And the head-nodding, hop-on-board class … who were tied to that money-laundering, power dispensing, queen-making foundation … accepted her inevitability.

But the American people did not. 

Everyone in the Clintons’ game of thrones became diseased … and now … “What’s done cannot be undone.” It’s all exposed.

And it falls to us … to every single one of us … to see that this never happens again. That we will never again become so inattentive.


Because unlikely saviors are not always at the ready.

Denis Ian

6 thoughts on “Out, Damned Spot!

  1. This is so true. I hated having to vote for the lesser of 2 evils (I voted HRC). It’s ALL about loyalty to party affiliation and nothing about We the People….BOTH SIDES. There is no Republican party anymore. The “party of Abe” is dead and we are left with a radical Libertarian, Tea Party. The Dems are split in 2 with half wanting to swing far left and the other half clinging to the center ground. The 2 parties are waging war among themselves and using our tax dollars to fund it. Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer, the middle class is dwindling and everyone (except the rich) are getting screwed out of basic human needs. What we have is taxation with NO representation.

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