Up in Smoke

Paris is burning …

and the Arc de Triomphe is all sooty.

I should care, but I don’t.

A third weekend of nationwide protests … largely made up of working-class people angry about a planned increase in fuel taxes and their dwindling purchasing power …”

I just can’t care about France … or Europe. 

Not because I’m an American snob    or a fan of the new “n” word … “nationalism.”  I just won’t let myself care because all of this globalism gunk started there. In Italy and France … and the UK. And especially with those guilt-ridden Germans.

Now it’s spread like a pox to places like Scotland and Wales. Even Spain … and Ireland.

Borders have collapsed … and proselytizing Muslims packed up and headed to the land of Merkel and Mays. There they grew fat … and powerful … and arrogant … on Europe’s generous welfare … while they tore the continent apart.

And that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid here … on our southern border. Preventing a breakdown that convulses us … and over-doses us on political correctness.


Some American politicians don’t think this is a very good idea at all.  At least their silence says so.

They’ve said nothing about the chaos at the border. Offered no reassurances  … no support of any kind.

That’s diseased politics.

Sacrificing your nation’s security for political gain. Using America    and our families …  as political bargaining chips. Selling out our way of life … because it’s good, personal politics.

But that’s poisoned politics.  And it’s a European fad we should send right back.

Europeans invited their troubles. Waved them in. Then made them worse. They’re good at that. 

“Broken glass and empty tear gas canisters … burned cars … and smashed store windows in several of the wealthiest neighborhoods … law enforcement officials  said that the situation was close to an insurrection.”


Everyday Frenchmen have had their fill. They’re sick of being a political after-thought. Sick of paying for liberal fascinations.  That’s what’s driven them to the streets.

“None of the … protesters expressed allegiance to any politician: Most said politics disgusted them.

They need their own Donald Trump.

A French Trump. And an English one, too. A Trump for Italy and Spain. Another for Belgium and Sweden.


Someone who “doesn’t tiptoe around the thousand new rules of political correctness.”

Leaders who can save Europeans from themselves.

Denis Ian

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