The President Who Wasn’t

The recent court ruling on ObamaCare jump-started a clever friend of mine … a Baltimoreon name Mike Sackett  … a silky-witty writer from The Old Line State of Maryland. 

“With this stunning rebuke of Obama’s dubiously-named Affordable Care Act, with his war on coal and opposition to the Keystone Pipeline crushed, with his Paris Climate Accord in tatters, with NAFTA and his Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements both gone the way of the Dodo and the dismal failure of his disastrous Iran Nuclear Agreement, our former rock star president’s legacy continues its descent into utter oblivion!”

And then this knock-out statement …

“History may well remember Barack Obama’s administration as the presidency that never was!”


And with that statement, Mister Sackett brought a Christmas smile to millions of Americans grinched from eight years of Obama self-absorption.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 7.03.23 AM.png

Offering a Yuletide toast to a nation that survived a presidency of self-admiration swaddled in generous ineptitude.

Cheering us that our once well-creased president had become the emperor with no clothes. The man without a legacy. Achievement-free. Erased.


So Mike Sackett has seasoned the season for us all. Offering us some Christmas catharsis. Purging us of despair … helping us to disremember Barack Obama.


Reminding us that we are a resilient lot … a tough people … who can tough-out tough times … even if we bring them on ourselves.

It’s a Christmas message that we are back on our feet … and that we should back-slap our neighbors because we have righted our wrongs … and are no longer haunted by the ghosts of presidents past … especially the last one. 


There’s joy again in being who we were meant to be. That no one … not even a president … can hammer our undeniable virtue as good and very decent people.

A reminder that forgetting is more than just unremembering. Forgetting is the brother of forgiveness. And this Christmas, we should forgive ourselves … and forget we were ever so stupid to elect President What’s His Name.



Denis Ian

h/t Mike Sackett  & Shawnee Tomassetti  


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CLICK HERE TO LISTEN – Amazing Grace on Bagpipes  

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