Kumbaya Krazy

If you’re lookin’ for some anarchy, you’re probably lookin’ in the wrong place.

Oh, it’s out there in streets, alright. Masked clowns sashaying about  … costumed in home-made super-hero outfits. 


Taunting police. Huddled-up in solidarity with other off-duty baristas.

They’re the stooges. They don’t count. They’re not worth the worry. 

The real-deal anarchists hang out in the halls of congress …


or in courtrooms. You should worry about them.

A lot.

They bend the laws … gum up the works … and torture the truth. They turn the simple into brain-bruising craziness. They beat up on common sense … and leave us wondering what the hell it is we’re missing.

We’re missing this …

They’re the real anarchiststhe real-deal trouble-makers.

They set more fires and cause more chaos than any of those yuk-yuks in the street. 

There are congressmen, senators, judges … and lots of back-room chumps … so drunk on ideology they can’t see straight. 

And they’re screwin’ with your lives. And using this country as a bargaining chip. 

They gamble with our safety … and play poker with our economic security. They play games with our way of life …  and with our families … and they bet big we don’t care enough. That we won’t call ’em out.

And it looks like they might be right.

They’re comfortable in their bubble … cut off from the real-deal world of all of us. We’re caught up in life while they’re caught up in queer intrigue. And we get dragged along.

They’re the real barbarians at the gate.

And the rest of the world is catching on to this. That’s why those folks are gathered at the southern border … threatening to rush us …


and grab what they can. Ordering us to soothe their lives because … as absurd as it sounds … they might get away it.

And guess what? They just might.

Because we’re in this Jumanji moment where nothin’ is impossible … and the weird is sort of expected.

Government has become a poisoned beast that suffocates our lives … and menaces our future.

Governance has become a competition of intrigue and contrivance.

Machiavelli’s head would spin off.

Senators ignore their real responsibilities as they peacock themselves for future glory. Judges set national policies. Never-ending investigations waste millions    and keep us hyper-tensed … and the media bellows the flames to raise the heat.

And it looks to me like we’ve lost our shit. Caved in to nonsense. Given up on common sense.

Those guys at the border? The ones burning our flag and waving theirs?

They’re reminding us that if we don’t think our way of life is worth protecting … well … then others will take it away. 

That’s the way the real world works … no matter how loudly you play “Kumbaya”. 

Denis Ian

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