Game of Thrones

She couldn’t resist …

because she’s miserable by nature.

Hillary Clinton would not acknowledge Donald Trump at the Bush funeral. Snubbed him. Glared and stared straight ahead.  


Perhaps it’s time to remind people of Hillary Clinton … and the despair we escaped.

She slithered in and out of seedy circumstances …  webbing her power and chessing herself toward the presidency.


Scheming. Conniving. Plotting her every move.

For three decades she moved toward that election moment.  That’s why she took those awful personal hits … and still stood tall next to the man who humiliated her before the whole world.

Doggy Bill.jpg

She took it all because her ambition was more important than her honor. Greater than her embarrassment. More dear than her pride.

After all,  her moment would come and she would become the face of power. And claim that special mention in everlasting history.

It’s that malignant ambition that’s brought us to this combustible moment … because this bitter woman was denied her obsession. Turned away.

She lost because she lied.

And lied.

And lied some more. 

Her first reaction is always to lie … because she is allergic to truth … even small truths of no consequence. She is … as William Safire called her … a “congenital liar”.

And even now … years beyond her lost election … she is afflicted by an intense sense of entitlement.  That the presidency was her right. Her historical heirloom.


But …

Hillary Clinton failed in her most important moment because she was consumed with the glory to come … the pageantry … and the history of it all.

Donald Trump was the flimsy candidate she actually longed for … the candidate she took too lightly.  The underdog.

But he matched her calculated deceit with blunt honesty. Checked her brilliantly.

Dwarfed her in energy and countered her perfunctory droning with the language … and spirit …  of everyday people.

So voters ran from her …

and ran to him.


Because he promised to live in their reality … to help build their future … and to forfeit his life of ease and comfort.

She promised them her future … and to forfeit their America for her America.

Hillary Clinton lost because people hated her guts. Because she made their skin crawl.

And today we were reminded of our sweet fortune.

That we were rescued from this poisoned woman … and the horror that would be ours were she our president.

And there she sat … in a church … surrounded by all that decency …  and I am stunned she didn’t melt into a puddle of vinegar.

Denis Ian

One thought on “Game of Thrones

  1. All true! And yet!! And yet! There are “people” who still “long” for, and support her. Miss her! Would vote for her in a minute! Isnt that horrible?? Isnt that frightning? It must be obvious even to the “women” who still “love” her, that she is/ was not a champion for them! She, like some ” women” we saw, first hand during the hearings for Supreme Court, are really not for ” womens rights.” They arent for any one else’s rights! They only want what they want! I shudder to think that there are far too many who would gladly jump on her bandwagon if the situation presented itself.

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