Vulgar Washington

 Washington is thoroughly vulgar. Repugnant. Outright vile.   A fraternity of toxic personalities … where few are healthy, most are toxic, and maturity so rare that it goes unrecognized. It has been absent serious leadership for nearly a decade. No standard-bearer for principles that matter to a great many. Just the incessant hum of imperial … Continue reading Vulgar Washington

About Those Statues

  The Civil War took place when this nation was in the bumpiness of maturing. It was as much an economic conflict as it was any other. Slavery was most certainly one of the compelling issues ... but it was not the lone issue. There is, in this nation, a certain acknowledgement that different regions … Continue reading About Those Statues

This Needed To Be Said Long Ago …

This needed to be said long ago ... I dig Islamic history. And I’m not a diversity pusher. Nor a globalist. I’m no liberal or progressive. And I believe America is the finest place on the planet. But I still dig Islamic stuff. And Japanese stuff. And Dutch stuff. And Spanish stuff. The stuff I … Continue reading This Needed To Be Said Long Ago …

Listen To The Media Toilet Gurgle.

Listen to the media toilet gurgle. When unhinged liberals have no strategy, they channel their inner-disgusting. Bill Maher ... the pithless poser of late night television ... is under fire for an incest joke he made about President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump.   "A lot of us thought, 'Oh, Ivanka is gonna … Continue reading Listen To The Media Toilet Gurgle.

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Let's act like some steam-punks ...  and do some time travel. It seems that present day educrats … think  Arne Duncan, John King, and Bill Gates … might have channeled a dusty figure from the past. Meet Horace Mann who ... at times ... could actually be a pretty horrid man. Mann, a mid-nineteenth century peacock, was perhaps America’s … Continue reading Déjà Vu All Over Again

After School Routine

Here's an after-school routine that'll shock you some ... Grab ‘em by the ankles … turn ‘em upside down … and give a mighty shake. Do it every day … for a week or two … and see what tumbles out of their little noggins. Have a good stare. Too many schools aren’t just schools … Continue reading After School Routine

Going once … Going twice … Gone! … to the highest bidder!

Going once … Going twice … Gone! … to the highest bidder! Fess up! Who’s really surprised that schools are the next gold-mine for drooling hedge-funders and tech magnates? Big Banks, Big Pharma, and Big Oil … move on over. It’s Big Education’s turn. The lure of charter schools … with the ever-repeating money stream … Continue reading Going once … Going twice … Gone! … to the highest bidder!

Slippery Slope

This is the “slippery slope” everyone’s talkin’ about. Instead of the fun game of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” … some folks are playing the very unfunny ... and dangerous ... game of “Six Degrees of American Slavery” … or “Six Degrees of Adolph Hitler” … or “Six Degrees of Harry Truman" ... or "Six … Continue reading Slippery Slope

Joan of Arc…the hottest girl of the Middle Ages

Everyone said it was gonna get nuts. They weren't kiddin'. Guess who's feelin' the heat ... so to speak? Joan of Arc ... the hottest girl of the Middle Ages. The teen queen of the Siege of Orléans. That's in France. Which is not in America. Where we live. "Surely, people realize she's not related … Continue reading Joan of Arc…the hottest girl of the Middle Ages