“Academic Kindergarten”

Please make it stop. Has everyone in education gone mad? “Academic kindergarten”? It’s worse than it sounds. Is anyone else stunned-numb at this? This edu-speak? This academic newspeak that oozes out of these clinical dissections of how children learn? It never stops. Another day, another brain-bruising study … and another tried-and-true bit of educational common … Continue reading “Academic Kindergarten”

Common Core is Pure Hemlock

Common Core is pure hemlock. However it’s rebranded, this reform has poisoned public education … and the profession has almost died off.  No one wants to teach anymore. Master-teachers are rushing to retirement … and rookies are fleeing in mid-year.  Teacher prep programs are starving for would-be teachers. And now we’re hearing from “lifers” … … Continue reading Common Core is Pure Hemlock

The End of Wisdom

"After 32 years ... I couldn't take it any more. I vowed to fight CC ... It was killing me to do the ridiculous and stupid things that the supervisor and principal thought were necessary. They were able to brainwash the young teachers... [and] if teachers talked negatively about CC, they could be easily replaced. … Continue reading The End of Wisdom

Ten Commandments of Public Education

Perhaps we should all resolve to take back our schools. To reclaim our parental rights. To demand that schools focus on OUR CHILDREN ... and that those unwilling to put OUR CHILDREN first should ... perhaps ... stake out other careers. It is time to acknowledge the mistakes of the last decade ... and the … Continue reading Ten Commandments of Public Education

The Clowns Are At It Again

Trying to understand the logic of some liberals is like trying to smell the color 9. So ... the  government is "shut down" because liberals prefer to defend illegals rather than defend you. Think about that. This is your "Twilight Zone" moment ...  what America would be like without President Trump ...  a peek into … Continue reading The Clowns Are At It Again

File Under…

AS IF YOU NEEDED TO BE REMINDED OF THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN … • FILE UNDER … “OF COURSE!” “Elementary School Drops Halloween Because It's 'Not Inclusive' ... Replaces It With 'Black & Orange Day” ........."The costume parade is out of our ordinary routine … and can be difficult for many students … the … Continue reading File Under…


THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA Camille Paglia, the renowned social commentator, almost gets it right. In fact, she nearly stepped on the answer herself … in her very own words. It is true. There’s a new generation that loathes America … and they don’t even know why … because they’ve been more indoctrinated than educated. … Continue reading THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA

Lessons of a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

“Making that peanut butter and jelly sandwich was not going to be an opportunity for praise. It was expected of me. It was my first task of the day, and doing it right was important. It demonstrated my discipline … attention to detail … a reminder that I had done something well … no matter … Continue reading Lessons of a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

The Elephant in the Classroom

Time to talk about the elephant in the classroom. The kinky one. Why is it that everyone is now identified by a sexual descriptor? Is sexuality the new ID? Who are these creepy misfits who just can't resist sexualizing everything from pronouns to puppet shows? Insisting that everything be viewed through their Psychosexual prism. Categorized … Continue reading The Elephant in the Classroom

What’s Happened To Us?

What's happened to us? How did we sink into such an ugly circumstance that we dare use words like “grit and rigor” in the same sentence as “child”? Who thought that was a good idea? And who permissioned that so-called “good idea” to become part of childhood education? Childhood has no reality. It’s not supposed … Continue reading What’s Happened To Us?