The Kids in the Cheap Seats

A Tale of Two Schools  "I'll be returning to the highest poverty school in Spokane in less than a week. Highest Homeless. Highest Refugee. Highest ESL. Please. Please. Grit is not the answer. Please, let these children experience art, music, movement, projects, building, exploration, curiosity, fun ... DAILY ... Not push push push ... Not … Continue reading The Kids in the Cheap Seats

The Lost Schools

Check your child for neck bolts … the educational Frankensteins are at it again.  Forget geography, language arts, and math … schools are now all about feelings. And emotions. And attitudes. It’s the hot-rage in education … the creepy premise that schools can instill acceptable human emotions and reactions in your child because … I … Continue reading The Lost Schools

The New Social Jokester Warriors: Kinky Librarians

Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t stand a chance. There are creepier dangers than the Big Bad Wolf. Like librarians. That’s right. Librarians. But first … Why is everyone now identified by a sexual descriptor? Is sexuality the new ID? Who are these creepy misfits who just can't resist sexualizing everything from pronouns to puppet shows … Continue reading The New Social Jokester Warriors: Kinky Librarians


Kidhood should happen when you turn nine … maybe ten. And last until the day you turn fourteen. Then it’s over. Done. That’s when everything you’ve learned starts to count. For real. Tommy Scott taught me to follow directions … by diagramming touch-football plays on my bony chest … with his stiff index-finger. The McCann … Continue reading Kidhood

Pushing Parents Around

It’s all too clear that there are some schools that think they must save your children … from you.  Yes. You. Doctrinaire teachers, administrators, and boards of education have become presumptuous and smug.  And their contempt for parents is grounded in their surety that …  in all matters, not just academics. … parents fall short. … Continue reading Pushing Parents Around


You can't make this stuff up ... even in Hollywood. The power-saluting, Weinstein-whacking, #MeToo face of sexual impropriety has now become the hot-to-trot symbol of the brand new #YouToo movement.  Remember brave, ultra-defiant Asia Argento? She flexed her womanhood and brimstoned the gathered perverts at last spring's Cannes Film Festival … hell-firing all of the … Continue reading #Yikes

“America Sucks!” Got It?

Leave it to liberals to make America-bashing a freakish competition. There’s a revolting race to smear America as cruel … and cold … and heartless. That's you they're talking about. Got it? New York’s anti-Cicero … Andrew Cuomo … is the marble-mouthed dope who set it all off with a snarky-cool one-liner that blew up … Continue reading “America Sucks!” Got It?

Kiss the White House Good-Bye

Sooner or later, your dumbness always catches up with you ... So, kiss that White House good-bye! Andrew Cuomo's been a half-brain since forever. And he has this nasty habit of runnin' his mouth ... then tryin' to vacuum up all the stoooopid that drools out. But that's not always possible. He has a history. … Continue reading Kiss the White House Good-Bye

Who Killed Mister Rogers?

Childhood is taking a beating … pounded by ill-intentioned adults who seem in a special hurry to disease it with a certain regimentation. Quick to poison any spontaneity or innocence … and slam kids into adulthood before their own childhood is barely underway. What the heck are we doing? The last decade has seen furious … Continue reading Who Killed Mister Rogers?