A Scuttle a’Coal – Guest Post

Guest Post from Mike Sackett 

A Scuttle a’Coal30CF4692-1FD0-460C-AE77-6A0C19BD5DD1

Sophie, I done good tonight, the moon’s real full and the alley’s bright

A scuttle a’ coal an’ I pinched some rye, it’s all fer you, I’ll start us a fire

I see’s yer breath, it’s cold here inside, I got us a berth wit’ the morning tide

Hold on, Sophie, I’ll make ya’s some tea, chew on yer bread, it’s fer you, not fer me


Naw, I ain’t hungry, this here’s fer you, I know that it’s stale, so dip in the brew

To soften ‘er up, to fill yer insides, we leave wit’ the dawn, we leave wit’ the tides

Eat, Sophie, eat girl, ya’s terrible pale, the wind is a Banshee, they’re unfurling the sails

Lemme pull up yer shawl, this here fire I’ll poke
Put yer feet by the stove, ‘cause it’s starting to smoke

Sip that there tea, I know that it’s weak, then eat them tea leaves, oh, girl, can’t ya’s speak?

Hell no, I won’t go and leave ya’s alone, we’ll stay together like marrow and bone

To the dock by the sea where the air’ll be fresh and you’ll glow like a lantern in yer pretty dress

Oh, Sophie, my girl, won’t ya try that there tea?
Give ‘er a sip, girl…do it fer me

~ Mike Sackett 



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