The End of Wisdom

"After 32 years ... I couldn't take it any more. I vowed to fight CC ... It was killing me to do the ridiculous and stupid things that the supervisor and principal thought were necessary. They were able to brainwash the young teachers... [and] if teachers talked negatively about CC, they could be easily replaced. … Continue reading The End of Wisdom

K-12: Like Taking Candy From Babies

Reblogged with our added emphasis (guest post) K-12: Like Taking Candy from Babies Posted by Bruce Deitrick Price Columnist By Bruce Deitrick Price – This cliché usually carries a double message: something is easy to do but shameful. No decent person would do it. You know, like the emotional and intellectual abuses all too … Continue reading K-12: Like Taking Candy From Babies

“A Five Nation Survey by the Gallup Poll: Is European Education Better Than Ours?”

What’s that old adage? … “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Well, the truth is still hopping around on one leg because the lies about public education have had a helluva head start. A half century head start. This is the cover of … Continue reading “A Five Nation Survey by the Gallup Poll: Is European Education Better Than Ours?”

Technological Opium Dens

“Our entire universe is probably in a tiny glass jar somewhere, placed on a shelf in some alien child’s room as a science fair project that got a C minus …” Leave it up to a meme … the new technological bumper-sticker … to tutor us about our probable insignificance and immaturity. It’s smart to … Continue reading Technological Opium Dens

GMO Children

There is no virtue in making children so brave that they might withstand the idiocy of adults. If schools think education is all about testing …. they’ve already forfeited their privilege to enjoy your child. Remember that. This testing madness has the tell-tale symptoms of a sick obsession … a creepy neurosis that screams of … Continue reading GMO Children

Dear Mr. President

I don’t know how to speak with a president … but I can speak well enough with any father. So, let us speak as fathers … and of the dreams we dream for our own children. And we should also speak of patience … and promises. My own children are grown and flown … like … Continue reading Dear Mr. President

Cardboard Children

Check your child for neck bolts … the educational Frankensteins are at it again. Forget geography, composition, and math … school is now all about feelings. And emotions. And attitudes. It’s the hot-rage in education … the creepy premise that schools can instill acceptable human emotions and reactions in your child because … I guess … Continue reading Cardboard Children

Bad Decisions Make Bad Stories

Bad decisions make bad stories. Is anyone floored that schools are the new mother-lode for slobbering hedge-funders and tech magnates? Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Oil … move on ... it’s Big Ed Tech's turn. "Silicon Valley is going all out to own America’s school computer-and-software market, projected to reach $21 billion in sales by … Continue reading Bad Decisions Make Bad Stories