The Teacher Union War On Parents

Is there a suicide prevention hot-line for teacher unions? There oughta be. “A half-century ago, teachers unions had a place in the American public. Now they have forgotten their place … going from protectors … to enablers of greed and malfeasance.” Half of America now sees teacher unions in a negative light. And the unions … Continue reading The Teacher Union War On Parents

September 12, 2001

Every now and then life slips into technicolor … because a particular moment is so glorious … or so frightfully tragic. We've  all seen things we wish we could unsee … and we tuck that hard stuff deep down inside. And it stays safe there … until something wakes it up. In this morning’s twilight-sleep, … Continue reading September 12, 2001

The Archfiend DeVos

Stand back! Exploding heads! For public education, there are two certainties: Seismic changes are underway … and Betsy DeVos will be blamed for all of it. The anti-DeVos psychotics are relentless. Their opposition is now more reflexive than anything else. They've been pavloved into rage ... howling at any mention of DeVos. It's become a … Continue reading The Archfiend DeVos

I’m Such a Sap for Aesop

I am such a sap for Aesop. He’s like wisdom in a can. Real simple. To the point. With a whiff of truth. His skinny books were all over my childhood … and all over my house. My first recollection is of “The Tortoise and the Hare” because … I think … it was actually … Continue reading I’m Such a Sap for Aesop