The United States of Rome



The United States of Rome. That sounds more like it.

We were once a republic. The power was in our hands … and we elected folks to represent us. That doesn’t happen any more. Now we’re by-standers. Bit players. The audience.

We think we’re in charge, but we’re not. It’s all about the few. The oligarchs. And their drama.

Those special people who are separated from the rest of us. The ones who pay more attention to those who can make them rich … and more powerful.

They grow fat lives in public service. Exclude themselves from the laws they pass for us. Exonerate each other from misdoings. And represent their own ideologies rather than ours.

Because we let them.

And their ends always justify their means. And their end is to stay in power … for as long as they like. And if that means screwing us … and violating common sense … and creating social havoc … and putting us all in danger … well, that’s the price we pay for their political comfort.

They’re now officially above the law, too.

None of ‘em ever goes to jail. Once in a while some two-bit amateur … or some know-nothing small-fry … is sacrificed to give the illusion of justice. But you know … and I know … no one ever faces the music. No one gets prosecuted. And no one ever … never … goes to jail.

Not them. Nor their underlings.

Government careerists take their cues from the big-shot politicians. They order up wire-taps … and leak stuff to the press … and sabotage our vote. Look at those IRS creeps … and the stooges at the VA … and the circuit judges who decide what laws and rules they like … and rule against those that bother their Ideology.

They’re all on the same team. The one we’re not on.

Politicians lie. They change their politics when it conveniences them … not us.

Mostly, they represent themselves.

They cushion their lives like no one else in this society. They earn fat pensions and life-time Cadillac healthcare plans for being on the job for a few minutes. They exempt themselves from all sorts of unpleasantness. And they become multi-millionaires over-night on middle class salaries … which never happens to folks like us.

And so we turned their world upside down with a stunning election … and it’s still business as usual.

How much more shit are we supposed to put up with?

Denis Ian

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