Social Justice Junk

image6.pngIt’s everywhere. No longer a one-off sort of story.

Lots wonder … What the hell has happened to their schools?
And their children’s innocence? And their education?

There’s rot leeching into your schools … helped along by social justice junkies who politicize classrooms … and dangle and yank your kids around. Bending their minds … and swapping out your values for their warped evangelism.

They’re a deceiving crowd … suspect characters … camouflaged as legitimate educators.


Too many parents are easily blindsided. Sucker-punched. Because they expect schools to look like the schools of not-so-long ago. And they don’t. Not at all.

And these zealots think parents are unconscious  for expecting lessons in multiplication or writing or science to dominate the learning landscape … because those subjects have been “refreshed’. And that is how your child’s values get reglazed.

So a geography lesson is smoothly premised on environmental terrorism … and the inhumanity of borders. And personal credos suddenly triumph federal law.

The Civil War becomes a justifying platform for toppling 100 year old statues that are part of a regional culture … because the past must be obliterated if it’s not in sync with current political correctness.

And math class becomes a warped excursion into the economic inequality because filthy capitalism always … always … and always … tilts toward the folks who succeed a bit too much. And seldom toward the unenergetic … who must be rewarded, too.


This country is in the throes of a socio-political tornado … made more intense by a blistering political season that never subsides.

Elections settle nothing. They just swell the discord.

And these jangling times supply new arrogance to those who insist on the superiority of their own biases … and who demand that everyone … every student … accept their perverted sense of tolerance and justice.

And some are unafraid to get in your face. Accented with bygone power-salutes, jive epithets, and goofy tie-dyed shirts.


But they have infiltrated education. And some schools have committed to full-days of hajib-wearing … and “white privilege” confessional pageants. Disguised beratings for this miserable place called America.

It’s all unfolding at light-speed. And it’s subsidized by you. Whether you approve or not.

Is there a breaking point? That’s for you to answer.

When is enough … enough?

And now … now these social justice clowns are coming for the conscience and soul of your children. To seal this misery.

And there you sit. And you occasionally bitch. And do mostly nothing at all.

You know the valiant ones. The ones who never forget this is all about kids. And their childhood. They are the tireless. And you marvel them.

So the question is put to you … When do you become marveled … and as valiant?

There’s the plate. Get in the batter’s box … and start swinging. For yourselves and for your children. And for every other child who has not a champion.

This is now enough. Too enough.

Denis Ian

h/t Michelle Moore




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