You. Did. Not. Matter. But … Now. You. Do.

For the last decade or so … the message was extra-clear:

You. Did. Not. Matter.



It was the demand of the Liberal-Left that you … the middle class … apologize for any comfort you had brought to your own lives … because that effort did not include your lazy-ass neighbors.

Liberals still insist they’re right … and you’re wrong. Certain that they own the truth … and that you own shallow-selfish, prejudiced lives.

But we know what it’s all about … don’t we?

It’s about sabotaging the life of an admired jurist because he pledges fidelity to the Constitution … and not to every faddish whim that bubbles up from some curiously strange people.

It’s about millions of illegals waved across the border and welcomed in law-defying sanctuary cities … and the financial albatross they’ve become for all of us … clogging our hospitals, choking our schools, filling up the jails … and ruining neighborhoods from sea to shining sea.


And liberals champion them. Not you. Never you.

It’s about our dysfunctional congress … spending money as if it washed in with the tide … and always insisting they need more. They’ arrive in Congress as middle class folks … and leave as millionaires. How does that happen anyway? Even to a dope like Maxine Watters?

But we’re not supposed to notice such stuff. Nope .

It’s about smart-ass elites commanding us to do this or say that or think whatever … telling everyone that they know more than anyone of us.  Then doing as they please. The usual “Do as I say, not as I do” crap.

It’s about this raw sex education that’s in our schools …  and the gender silliness everyone’s so serious about. And this bathroom queerness that puts our children and wives in the middle of someone else’s  weirdness … and then tattooes us as intolerants because we don’t hop-happy for those queer perversions.

They’re mad because you got mad. 

It’s about celebrity-snobs … bashing us about climate change and racism … while zipping around on their yachts and jets … with their minority wait-staffs.

It’s about their creepy-slobby rapist-pals … who drop their pants every new moon  … and then shove women around like pucks … but it’s conservatives who pose a real danger. Really?

It’s about vomit-inducing political correctness that’s made us endure a football jock lecturing us on human rights … as he stood before us in his Fidel Castro undershirt.

It’s about that lying president we suffered for 8 years …  because he never shut up and left us alone.  And those lying state officials, lying politicians, and lying judges. And it looks like they all broke the law … because they felt they had the right.

Nobody’s fooling anybody anymore.

It’s especially about the lying media … now doing all in their power to sabotage this president, his Supreme Court nominee … and his political platform  that we voted for. They spend their days rooting for chaos. Wishing for news. Making news. Faking news.

And let’s not forget those bullspitting, ivory-tower academics who live air-brushed lives far from reality. They grab your tuition money and then frankenstein your kids … turning ’em all into America-hating socialists who think the world is one free ride.

That’s why Donald Trump is here.

And why he’s still here.

And why he’ll stay here for a long, long while.

He’ll go to war with the media … and the clowns clogging the streets. He’ll bother the hell out of radical Muslims, sanctuary dopes, and do-nothing legislators. He’ll plug-up our porous borders …  throw up a wall … and pull the plug on the climate clowns. He’ll and bully back against the noisy social justice junkies who have poisoned our schools and poisoned our society.

And he’s let the world know that America is back …  and not backing down ever again. America is not the next Europe … and we’re nobody’s fool in treaties and trade.

Here’s some tough-shit news for all of you on the Left … 

We’re just getting started.

Denis Ian

2 thoughts on “You. Did. Not. Matter. But … Now. You. Do.

  1. Awesome read!!!
    So much truth I can’t believe it,
    Although I wonder if the crooked will continue to flourish as they have for a long time.
    Again….the Awesome Truth

    Liked by 1 person

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