The Elephant in the Classroom

Time to talk about the elephant in the classroom.

The kinky one.


Why is it that everyone is now identified by a sexual descriptor? Is sexuality the new ID?

Who are these creepy misfits who just can’t resist sexualizing everything from pronouns to puppet shows? Insisting that everything be viewed through their Psychosexual prism. Categorized in sexual terms.

And why are children mandated to participate in their sexual peculiarities? And help sanction their oddities as natural or normal?

Who are these unbalanced immatures who seem so determined to smother parental influence? So hellbent on baptizing the littlest of the littles into their world of sexual smog?

A generation ago, they’d be in jail.

Today … today they’re in the classroom.

What the hell is going on?

“She stood well over six feet tall … her height aided by six-inch heels on purple patent leather boots. Her outfit was an oxymoronic neon camouflage bodysuit and a purple tutu … ‘My name is Harmonica Sunbeam’She sat down and read aloud from ‘Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress’ by Christine Baldacchino. The book is about a boy who wore a beloved dress to school every day.”

Yup. Miss-ter Sunbeam is a drag queen. A guy. Dressed like a color-blind court jester … with a pound of eye-makeup. And he/she’s been invited to a kindergarten moment because … I don’t know why. Ask them.

HEADLINE: “Drag Queen Story Hour Puts the Rainbow in Reading” … The New York Times.



So he/she’s reading a children’s book that isn’t really a children’s book at all … more like weird parable … to some squealing kindergartners who are very unsure if Miss Harmonica is a clown … or a lost Jack-in-the Box.

And some adults thought this was a good idea.

I am so extra tired of this rot.

We’re all exhausted by this imposed pressure to rearrange this society for the sake of a few folks who have gooey issues they don’t seem quite able to resolve. So all of society has to hop-to-it … and roll out the welcome mat … so they can feel a-okay in their oddness.

No thanks. Ain’t my job. And it certainly isn’t the job of five year olds.

Why this sudden need to broadcast one’s sexual struggles? Since when do most folks give a damn? Most don’t … and even fewer are interested in solving personal issues that don’t belong to them.

Sorry … we all deal with issues. Spare us your details. We’re not interested. And leave our kids out of it, too. They don’t care either … and don’t try to make ’em care.

Everyone’s life has ruts … some shallow, some not. But the hallmark of maturity is to manage those ruts … and see one’s self as a member of a larger community that requires both self-awareness and self-restraint. It’s called being a grown-up.

Harmonica Sunbeam might be dressed up, but he ain’t grown up.

And neither are the teachers who thought this was a perfectly fine idea.

It wasn’t.

And here’s a reminder: every inch of one’s life is not subject to public broadcast or approval. There are parts of everyone’s life that should be kept quiet. Secret. Shared perhaps with our most intimate partner. It’s what adults do. It’s called mature discretion. Propriety.

But now we have classroom teachers … custodians of your own children … coloring the classroom experience with their social justice slop. Insisting that your children become rabid, sexuality sympathizers … their tender age be damned.

And these arrogant teachers show no hesitation to warp your children … and usher them into some deviant universe. And they never ask your permission. Under the guise of a sloppy education reform, they simply permission themselves.

And who’s deciding that children … just beyond babyhood … are the ideal age for dabbling in the whole sexual scene? And what propels these imposter adults to impose their sexual obsessions on children? On the most vulnerable among us? That’s a case study unto itself.

What’s with their unhealthy compulsion to whisper x-rated messages to children? And their need to sabotage childhood innocence in some desperate lurch to justify their own unsettled issues? This isn’t healthy. Or normal. It’s sick.

HEADLINE: “Preschools need to promote homosexuality, transgenderism”… The Pulse

And so schools are now setting the sexual agenda with children as young as five or six. Deciding when masturbation, homosexuality, sex toys, and transgenderism become curriculum worthy … without a moment of parental consult … because they insist they have more regency over your children than you do. They just know better.

So stand aside.

HEADLINE: “Parents Silenced As Minnesota School Announces ‘Gender Fluidity’ With No Option To Opt Out” … The Conservative Daily Post

When children … who can barely knot their own sneakers … are gathered ‘round to applaud Thomas’ very important decision to be identified as a “she” and a “her” … something is terribly wrong. On so many levels.

Other controversial suggestions include teaching kids 5, 6, 7, and 8 all about homosexuality and homosexual attraction. Because? Because?

HEADLINE: “School District Considering Sex Education for Kindergartners” National Review

And it’s unnerving when children ages 5 thru 8 … “Under the new curriculum … (in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas) … [are]taught that “touching one’s genitals to feel good is called masturbation.”

My sarcasm says this might be the “new” recess … and I’m so afraid I might be right.

Denis Ian



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