Ten Commandments of Public Education


Perhaps we should all resolve to take back our schools.

To reclaim our parental rights. To demand that schools focus on OUR CHILDREN … and that those unwilling to put OUR CHILDREN first should … perhaps … stake out other careers.

It is time to acknowledge the mistakes of the last decade … and the need to return to time-tested educational practices that made this nation the envy of the world.

And it is time to re-orient our schools … to restore balance and a common purpose free of biases and prejudices and divisive ideologies.

“The National Education Association (NEA) … claim(s) to know how to best run schools and entire educational systems … they even have official positions on reproductive rights, global climate change, international consumer protection, and a whole host of issues unrelated to education.”

How lovely.

And the American  Federation of Teachers isn’t much different.

American teacher unions are a foul mess. Leadership no longer represents the rank and file … and they certainly don’t champion OUR CHILDREN. Union leaders are disconnected elites … completely polluted by ideologies that are often in sharp contrast to the very taxpayers who fund their existence.

Of course, teachers must have the right to organize and advocate for their profession. But that doesn’t mean they have the right to pretzel education into some self-serving enterprise that furthers their own social philosophies. Their business is the business of the classroom. OUR CHILDREN are their clientele.  We are the bill-payers.

Should they find that mission constricting, then they should move on to other careers that satisfy their biases.

And now … now many parents want their schools back. And the unions respond by digging in … and digging a deeper hole. Unsmart.

Perhaps it’s time for some new commandments for OUR public schools. These should do nicely.

The Ten Commandments

for Public Education


I. No school personnel has more regency over the education of a child than a mother or father.

II. Schools have no space for anyone unable to plug into their memory bank for recollections of their own childhood.

III. Schools should hold an educational exorcism … and run any indoctrinating madness from every classroom.

IV. Restore classroom integrity and demand the return of the unbiased teacher.

V. Teachers have no right to organize any child in any mission on their ideological behalf.

VI. There shall be no false testing gods.

VII. School leaders must adhere to a doctrine of common sense over all else.

VIII. Vow that there will be unserious joy in every day.

IX. Command that every adult commit to an oath that childhood will be honored and preserved.

X. Order that laughter and kindness hold as much importance as any learning objective.

These represent ideological freedom for lots of parents … and for THEIR CHILDREN. And these commandments promise a return to purposeful education unpolluted by biases and prejudices and misplaced emphases.

The jig’s up for the social justice junkies, the politically-correct shamers, and the ideologically intolerant.

It’s time for teachers to teach.

America wants their schools back


Denis Ian

H/T Michelle Moore

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