Common Core is Pure Hemlock

Common Core is pure hemlock.

However it’s rebranded, this reform has poisoned public education … and the profession has almost died off. 

No one wants to teach anymore.

imageMaster-teachers are rushing to retirement … and rookies are fleeing in mid-year.  Teacher prep programs are starving for would-be teachers. And now we’re hearing from “lifers” … teachers long in the profession, but short of retirement … as they make the painful choice to leave a profession that has rotted before their eyes. Their souls can’t take anymore.

And the message is universal: teaching is now a black-‘n-blue, manipulative, passion-smothering career.

The blame for this crisis belongs at the feet of sell-out educrats, interfering politicians, and profiteering entrepreneurs … all certified members of the intrusive New Know-It-All class.

They’ve stolen your schools. Guinea-pigged your children. Exiled your teachers. And frankensteined your classrooms.


These educational assassins have camouflaged themselves … allowing nonsense issues to sap our attention while they banish time-tested pedagogical truths in favor of reckless experimentation. Parents and education advocates dart from one distracting issue to another … from gender-bending bathrooms and weird sexless pronouns to “sanctuary” schools and endless testing diversions.

It seems too many have opted-out of confrontation.

Afraid of a real-deal showdown.

Too many are too easily detoured. Duped. And our easy distraction is by design because … as we chase nonsense issues … they go about hijacking our schools. And hostaging our children.

And exiling our teachers. 

They want teachers gone.



And in their place, these duplicitous conspirators want data dumpers … tech-tending head-nodders who follow scripted lessons to the letter. They want fainthearted wimps who tremble for their jobs. And most of all, they hunger for inexpensive drive-thru education that will leave a few with great wealth … and most with a wealth of disappointment.


They want joyless schools … with joyless children … featuring joyless techniques … from joyless teachers … because that is the easiest situation for them to manipulate.

And it guarantees that your children will pedal this hamster-wheel of educational nonsense and emerge exactly as planned … perfectly prepared by those perfectly-joyless schools for the very imperfect and joyless monotony others have designed for them for the rest of their lives.

So many have been scammed. Deceited. Hoaxed.

But too many don’t seem to realize that this is the moment. The moment of resistance.

This is the opportunity-time to vacuum back any lethargy … and run these New World shapers out of our children’s lives for all of ever.

But more important is the rescue of our children. And the rebirth of childhood. And the renaissance of child-centric education where smiles are more important that data walls … and giggles ever more important than grinding sharpeners of No. 2 pencils.



Examine your child’s situation with care. Measure their happiness and their enthusiasm … and if they seem less joyed … or turned off … perhaps it’s time for you to insert yourself … and make certain that everything is as it should be.

Never forget … parents have regency. 

There is no longer a guarantee that schools have your child as a priority. They have become addicted to data, slaves to testing, and crazed with experimental oddities. Perhaps this will shake up your consciousness.

And remember … if they think education is all about numbers, well, perhaps they’ve already forfeited their privilege to enjoy your child.

And now the results are in … and after 8 years of this educational farce … there is no change. At all. None. Zero.
Please don’t act surprised. This is what happens when charlatans pose as classroom educators and whimsy-up educational nonsense far from classroom reality.


Even in utter failure, they’ll defend their genius. Save your children.

Denis Ian

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