Math Is Racist

This is a perfect example of how far the left has gone.

I was raised that mathematics was the single unifying study across all disciplines. Math was the language of computers, musicians, architects, historians, astronomers, physicists, chemists, doctors…. For everyone, in euclidean plane, 2+2=4. You could be anywhere. You could be anyone. Math is the one language we all speak that makes sense. Every culture throughout time is intrinsically aware of the transitive property of equality. Every culture throughout time is instinctively able to identify the pentatonic scale.

I remember being told as a kid that if I was ever in a foreign country, I could communicate with math.

Now…of course…the left is trying to ruin that too.

Check out this nonsense from Rochelle Gutierrez. In this…”book”…she advocates that “On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White”

She also says “Things cannot be known objectively; they must be known subjectively.”

So, in the same writing, she makes an argument, then immediately dismantles it by calling it a subjective argument. Well done. This is a math teacher, mind you. Someone licensed and accredited to educate others.

Let me correct her errors, because apparently she never experienced this. Mathematics has nothing to do with white people. It has everything to do with a species that has a proclivity for noticing patterns and communicating them. Every culture uses mathematics. One of the oldest artifacts ever discovered is 20,000 years old. The Ishango bone, which is believed to be a counting device. This predates “white” people. It was in the late Paleolithic which, frankly, predates…common sense.

Do white people have a habit of being mathematicians? I’m not sure. I know IQ can have an impact on the ability to grasp abstract mathematical concepts. I know that areas that are white tend to have an average IQ of the high 90’s, where many of the lowest IQ countries are….black. Cameroon, for example averages at 64. Medically, that would be considered functionally retarded. Topping the charts, actually, is Hong Kong. Don’t get cocky, white people.

This doesn’t meant that someone with an average or low IQ can’t be a mathematician. There are other factors to understanding math. Amount of time studied, quality of teachers, whether or not you are enslaved….

Those are objective truths. Demonstrable with data. White people do not have the highest IQ of all the races, but it is relatively high. IQ is exceedingly useful when it comes to understanding mathematics. Me, for example, my IQ was last measured several years ago around 135. This is far from the highest IQ measurable, and I’m downright infantile next to many other people. I’ve also taken several blows to the head since then, which may have shaved off a few points.

I may have also mentioned in a previous post that no nobel prize winners in Chem, Phys, or Medicine have ever been black. The Fields, which is an honor in mathematics, has likely never been awarded to a black person.

Again, this is partly due to a history of academic oppression, right, Princeton? I think you know…don’t you….(coughs Blackwell.) Now that those days have passed, there should be ONE at least. You’d think. I’m sure there will be, and I’m also sure that the proportion of black Nobel and Fields winners will reflect population size and IQ distribution of the world.

That isn’t to say there aren’t black mathematicians. There are. I’m a personal fan of the work of Dr. Arlie Petters. Who is kinda black, I think. I guess I never thought of it until now. But he is pushing the boundaries of our understanding of gravitational waves.

Dr. J Farley is so highly recognized is mathematical academia that almost all of us in the West have been exposed to his work! You just don’t realize it. I won’t spoil the surprise.

These men, and thousands of others, do make up valuable contributions black men and women make to mathematics.

But you have to understand, there are certain barriers to fostering mathematical development in a culture. A people with lower average IQ, constantly under threat of ethnic cleansing, tribal warfare, rampaging warlords, and slavery, are unlikely to devote spare time to mathematics. Instead, I think you’ll find a devotion to arts. Stories. Music. Things that can quickly unite and inspire people together. I admit it grimly, but math does not often do that. No one was ever spurred to passion by a three minute lecture on gravitational lensing. Sorry Dr. Petters. Yet music does. If I want to start a revolution, I’m going to use music, not math. (Shut up, Pythagoras.)

I hate that I have to keep justifying myself, but know this. IQ does not a superior race make. Neither does music and art. A superior race is one that is best adapted for the greatest environmental stresses and has the best survival tactic. Because all races are still alive today, I would argue that we can’t know who is superior yet. But I have to say, if white people are 10% of the population…we probably aren’t winning. Sorry. But we aren’t the smartest, strongest, or most populous. I wouldn’t bet on white people winning the Great Darwinian Race. My money would be on H+.

The fact that some math teachers (Laurie Rubel is another) are claiming meritocracy and mathematics are tools of “whiteness,” are dealing a profound blow to humanity.

Meritocracy is as close to a divine natural law as we get. Those who are best adapted to a certain environment will survive. It is that way, it has always been that way, it will always be that way. We can make technological advancements to better adapt to an increasing amount of environments, but that is a strategy that is still encompassed in the breadth of this law. No human legislation will ever change that. Ever. Sorry.

Saying something like math, a single unifying force, is a “tool of whiteness,” sweeps the potential away from any minority who might be easily influenced by their teacher. Kids will use that as an explanation for why they have bad math scores, instead of the student critically examining their study methods. Or IQ. Or maybe…just maybe…bad teaching methods.

If you aren’t passionate about the subject, the kids won’t be either. How dare you blame mathematics. How dare you blame some racial demographic. How dare you disenfranchise humans like that. Teach as fully as you can teach any student. Inspire them to learn. Inspire.

Because now, instead of slavery or oppression holding back a minority group, it is you. You are now the reason why we have to wait for a black person to win a Nobel Prize or Fields in STEM. Because all the aspiring mathematicians just got uninspired. Because Euclid and Pythagoras are white. Well done, you losers. You just did the opposite of what your trade tries to accomplish.

Bottom line, math is human. It belongs to all of us. We all do it. The achievements of all mathematics are human achievements. Not white or black. Ours. Together.

Nothing deflates a person like being told they are the victim. Nothing empowers an abuser more than victimizing someone.

To all black people, fuck those teachers. Math isn’t a tool of whiteness. I’ll tell you what they won’t. Remember that Ishango Bone? The oldest calculator ever? Yeah, that was found in Africa, not Europe.

Pisses me off. Telling the oldest mathematicians in the world that math isn’t theirs anymore.

KUDOS! via Math is Racist — Gentlemen’s Foundry

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