Clarion Call To Parents – NY State Testing

This is a clarion call for parents to rally ’round a superintendent willing to take on the State Education Department over this testing madness.

This is, at long last, a superintendent unafraid to challenge this maniacal testing … and the curriculum-driven preparation that has soured so many.

The Rye schools pride themselves on their academic reputation … and they will not let testing charlatans subvert their commitment to quality education by allowing flawed assessments to become an inaccurate gauge of academic competency.

Parents across the state should demand the same of their local superintendents.

Demand that this madness come to an end.

Demand that every child be educated in a healthy environment free of unreasonable pressures to appease an asinine reform.

This is the moment to form an alliance with those who can influence change …

Ask that your local superintendent be as bold and as blunt as the chief of the Rye City schools.

Denis Ian and Michelle Moore

From the Rye School District Superintendent about today’s ELA testing.
From: Eric Byrne
Date: April 12, 2018 at 2:45:00 PM
Subject: Day Two of New York State ELA Tests

Dear RCSD Families,
Today was the second and final day of testing for the New York State English Language Arts (ELA) tests. Today’s tests … contained text passages that were above the appropriate comprehension level for many students taking the tests. Furthermore, the questions about the text passages were poorly constructed, making it difficult for students to comprehend what was being asked of them.

Students across all grade levels struggled to complete the tests … Many students were distressed and expressed frustration to teachers and administrators, both during and after the tests.

I want to remind parents and guardians, that these tests do not count towards a student’s record. They do not go into a student’s permanent file. The results will have no impact on student grades or class placement.

As educators … we feel strongly that we should not be asked to place students in the kind of setting created by today’s section of the ELA tests.

I will be communicating this … to the State Education Department.

Eric Byrne, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


One thought on “Clarion Call To Parents – NY State Testing

  1. I believe speaking out and actually putting it in writing is a major step. To put it in writing and send to every parent in the district on the same day of the problem testing is HUGE.

    A beacon. A red flag. Every parent in that district should be HELPING them and raising hell.

    The school is announcing they intend to report their concerns and complaints to the State. Every parent should be right behind them mad as hell at the State.

    It’s an opportunity for ACTUAL local control.

    The folks entrusted with your kids AND they are alerting PARENTS that they agree the tests are harmful.

    Are they asking for parental support to alert the State? Sure looks like it. Back them up. Bravery on their part should be contagious to parents and show the State *this* school will no longer be bullied.



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