The High Cost of Common Core Misery

How much does misery cost?

“About another $12.1 billion over the next few years. Nationally exceeding $80 Billion since 2010.” 
 That should be some first-class misery.  And it’s on you. Your treat! Enjoy!
The vulture capitalists can smell your misery from miles away … and they’re so ready to pick your wallets clean. 

Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Banks were just warm-up routines for Big Education.

 Your own schools … the ones you actually own … will be the investment oases of this new century … with a renewable stream of your own tax dollars until … until we all come to our senses. Or go broke. 

Common Core is mutating before our very eyes.

Tutoring shops are popping up like nail salons … poised to teach your children the mathematics no one understands.  And to teach them how to read a whole book … as you once learned.
Think of them as educational repair shops where the madness of public education can be undone … or at least mitigated.

There are subject-matter tutorial sites … and review books … and videos. Even tutoring enterprises … with fanciful names … to do what ordinary parents used to do way back when … in normal times.

But these are not normal times.


In some cases, elementary parents have hired specialized tutors to deal with the Common Core weirdness and the homework chaos that has ruined family evenings and frayed parent-child relationships.


“I tried to help—but it was just too much and I had to find a tutor,” one mom confessed. 
That little mea culpa costs her $300 a week. Do the math … the old way. Nice chunk of change, eh? What’s childhood without a dose of anxiety, right?
“I work with a lot of frustrated moms and dads who can’t seem to help their 6th grader with their math homework,” said the owner of Bright Kids. Bright Kids? 
I’m not touching that irony … at all. Just don’t forget your credit card.
These are money-making ventures with handsome returns on investment. Private tutors boast of Common Core expertise as well as SAT talents. There’s even an on-line search engine just for “affordable tutors.”  Misery tutors. A profession is born!


Psssst! … and the lawyers haven’t even packed their carpetbags yet.

So … pony up for tutors and tablets and software and tech up-grades. Don’t forget those Common Core texts and workbooks. Testing isn’t free, you know … even if it’s asinine.

And teacher-training costs big bucks, too … so the blind can lead the blind. This, folks, is the cost of misery … and failure … and incompetence. The cost of reform gone absolutely wild. 

This is the price we’ll pay to nuzzle up to our Third World pals … who some insist are our academic equals … all in the hope that one day … because of the miracle of Common Core    … we might find our nation firmly wedged between Gabon and Borneo in some meaningless rankings that have the same glamour as twerking.

When did we become such sheep? And then gladly pay for the privilege?

When is enough … enough?

Denis Ian

3 thoughts on “The High Cost of Common Core Misery

  1. A good friend of mine spent $40K per year to send her child to a good private school to avoid Common Core and the school to work infiltration. She wanted a truly educated child not human capital for the planned economy. The result for her sacrifice…..her daughter could not score well on the SAT. Even though this child had a 4.0 gpa and had all AP classes. The problem, she knew real math but did not know Common Core math. So her mother had to put out $80 per hour all summer so her child could now learn the CC way to do math and score better on the SAT. I tried to convince her to by-pass the SAT and go directly to the college entrance exam but she was stuck in the same paradigm as many other parents. They think the SAT is the only way to get into college. There is sadly only one solution to this problem. We need to stand up and STARVE THE BEAST. We need to take down this system. Make implode upon itself. But it will take parents willing to stop sending the children into the belly of the beast. If we could get 30% of parents to pull their kids we just might be able to bring it all down. If not we will have 30% of future population with a real education.


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