“We conclude that testing instruments that put children in a virtual stupor cannot be defended as sound testing practice … nor as a way to raise standards or serve as a foundation for high-stakes decisions …”

Well done, Bill Gates!


Bravo, David Coleman!

Take a bowArne Duncan and John King.


And special thanks to NYS Education Commissioner … MaryEllen Elia.

They’ve stolen your schools. Guinea-pigged your children. Exiled your teachers. And frankensteined your classrooms.

“… so many kids got zeros on certain questions … that the tests must have been flawed.”

Isn’t that great?

Those aren’t my words …  they belong to authors Fred Smith and Robin Jacobowitz of the Benjamin Center at SUNY New Paltz. And even they’re late to the game.

New York parents Yvonne Gasperino, Anne LaValle, and Michelle Moore have been on top of this mess since forever.  And lots of others, too … mothers and fathers who know it’s all wrong.

And some very special, but very few teachers … like Anthony Cardinale … have been unafraid to speak up. He married his words with Anne LaValle’s …

“ … the Common Core exams are ‘deliberately, dubiously, and maliciously designed’ and it’s time for more people to treat them as such.”

That’s it … in a nutshell.

This testing madness guarantees that your children will pedal this hamster-wheel of educational nonsense … and emerge exactly as planned … perfectly prepared by those now perfectly-joyless schools … for the very imperfect and joyless monotony others have designed for them  … perhaps for the rest of their lives.

But Commissioner Elia has her “tool-kit” … which fixes nothing. Every year.

And now she’s gone indignant … threatening schools and parent-taxpayers for opting-out  of these fraud-exams. Only in New York.

And New Jersey. And Massachusetts. And Rhode Island. And Georgia. And Florida. And Pennsylvania.

Pick a state … any state …. and the chances are very excellent that this sort of farce is part of the educational scenery.

It’s a bad reform gone mad.

It’s been renamed, rebranded, and resold. And it’s still lousy … and after 8 years … there’s  no change … no improvement. At all.

None. Zero.

But even in utter failure, they’ll defend their genius.

Never forget … parents have regency. 

Don’t let anyone hurry your child. Don’t let anyone sandpaper their softest years with grit or rigor. Don’t let anyone run innocence out of your child’s life.

And remember this …

If schools think education is all about numbers … perhaps they’ve already forfeited their privilege to enjoy your child.

Denis Ian


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