Kiss the White House Good-Bye

Sooner or later, your dumbness always catches up with you …


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 6.15.58 PM.png

So, kiss that White House good-bye!

Andrew Cuomo’s been a half-brain since forever. And he has this nasty habit of runnin’ his mouth … then tryin’ to vacuum up all the stoooopid that drools out.

But that’s not always possible.

He has a history.

He once said …


Not kidding.

But this one …. this word-slip … this is gonna end his presidential hallucination once and for all. And that’s bad for us … because we’re stuck here. Here in New York. With this guy.  And that means he has no other job  … so he’ll be governor for a few more decades … because that’s how liberals punish everyone who lives outside of NYC.

Too bad. I wanted this screamer out on the campaign trail …  punching it out with President Trump … because if ever an ego needed a pinprick, he’s it.

He’s faked his way through life … living off the family name … acting the goon … and shoving people out of his way.

Seething Cuomo.png

A few years back,  Cuomo decided to purge New York State of undesirables … “The Bad People”.  Those would be “Deplorables” … but that word was too hard for him to say. His decree included New Yorkers who were pro-Second Amendment, anti-abortion, and not-so-hot on gay marriage.  

Here’s his edict …

“… they are extreme conservatives …they have NO place in New York.”

And just like that we were supposed to pack up … and single-file ourselves out of the state … because Andrew Cuomo barked at us.


So, I guess he’ll be Caesar or Generalissimo … or El Douche … for a long time.

Lucky us.

Denis Ian

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