Why Do We Put Up With These People?

And it’s been this way since man was tossed from Eden. 

There are those who command others to do what they would never do themselves.

These are the elites who foam up in every society … no matter how egalitarian it’s all supposed to be. The ones who set down special commandments … and then exempt themselves simply because they can.

They’re the know-it-alls who impose … and decree … and inflict.

The obnoxious sorts who conjure up these imbecilic experiments which almost always go wrong … but who keep insisting that it’s all going very well.

bill-gate6.jpgAnd, of course, they’re too privileged to experience their own handiwork up-close … that’s for others to endure. So they are ever self-excused … while others are ever ordealed.

If legislated healthcare was required of the elites, it would be the most thoughtful bit of legislation ever.

If military conscription was required by all, there would be more diplomacy and fewer wars.

And …

If Common Core was force-fed to the elites, it would be gone.

Instead … we suffer this magnificent mess.

From coast to coast … at a cost of billions … we are witness to the greatest educational tragedy in the history of this nation.

A handful of elites are destroying a central pillar of this society … and they seem determined to complete the rubble-making because their egos will not admit to failure … or because it gins up their bottom line.

There is no longer a guarantee that schools have your child as a priority. They have become addicted to data, slaves to testing, and crazed with experimental oddities.

And now the results are in … and after nearly a decade of this educational farce … there is no change.

 None. Zero.

Don’t act surprised.

This is what happens when reform-posers whimsy-up educational nonsense far from the realities of real-deal classrooms.

It’s what happens when teacher instincts are disfavored … and then replaced with algorithmic nonsense disguised as innovation.

So many have been scammed. Deceited. Hoaxed.

Examine your child’s circumstances with care. Measure their happiness … and their enthusiasm … as well as their academic prosperity.

here here.png


If schools think education is all about numbers … perhaps they’ve already forfeited their privilege to enjoy your child.

Denis Ian

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