Something Wicked This Way Comes

It’s this simple …

If Judge Kavanaugh loses his appointment, America is over.

We will have forfeited our specialness, relinquished our eminence, and abandoned our Constitution. 

And this comes our way because we have been uncourageous stewards of this gift named America. We are about to surrender to deceit and treachery and hypocrisy. Conquered by untruths, dishonesty, and mockery.

This Supreme Court circus? It’s not about Judge Kavanaugh.  It’s about who runs America … and the values and ideals that will advise us in the decades to come.

This moment would create an unfamiliar conscience … one we will come to regret.

Democrats can no longer win elections … so they’ve decided that they no longer have consequences. At least not in this moment.  They’re all about destroying any process that doesn’t deliver them their satisfaction.

So the electoral process is suddenly obsolete.

Borders, too.

And capitalism. 

They’ll re-write any rule and destroy any process … including selecting a new member to the Supreme Court … so that they can never be denied.

They don’t care at all about fairness … or decency … or anyone’s reputation. They care only about their ideology … and the power to install it. And if America is wounded along the way … that, too, is an acceptable sacrifice.

Judge Kavanaugh is a potential obstacle.

He has to be removed.


He could have been any man … or woman … and the same sort of ugly circus would’ve gurgled up.

The Left destroys what it does not like … and they don’t like anyone or anything that gets in the way of their political and ideological dominance.

If this travesty comes to pass … and this nomination is rejected … America will skid into dangerous discord.

And a threatening disunion.

This will not be softly swallowed.  There will be hell to pay.

Denis Ian

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