Guest Post

A. R. Teller

Perhaps one of the saddest sights in life is not the view of a lost love or even the loss of yourself, but the actual finding of yourself.

This, of course, is me referring ‘To the End.’ Not the end of your life, now don’t be silly!

I am talking about the end of school. The days when all teachers abandon their things from school, bring home all their personal possessions. The students pushed along throughout the hallways discarding all their knowledge into the waste bins.

Things that had been lost in the beginning of the year are miraculously found, including some students finding themselves.

The ones that leave will shed some tears. Those ones, you know, that have already found themselves. Their lockers become empty, and their hearts become full.

Younger students don’t understand why the elders are sad, they only see play and time away from lagging in…

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