We Did This To Ourselves

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” We keep trying to run away from what we’ve become. But we're in this moment because we invited it. By our silence. "... the Right is silenced in our culture — blacklisted and excluded and ignored in entertainment, mainstream news outlets, and the universities ..."* And we allowed … Continue reading We Did This To Ourselves

Kumbaya Krazy

If you’re lookin’ for some anarchy, you’re probably lookin’ in the wrong place. Oh, it’s out there in streets, alright. Masked clowns sashaying about  … costumed in home-made super-hero outfits.  Taunting police. Huddled-up in solidarity with other off-duty baristas. They’re the stooges. They don’t count. They’re not worth the worry.  The real-deal anarchists hang out … Continue reading Kumbaya Krazy

Liberal Desperation

A Central American migrant ... heads for the US ... screamed ... “Donald Trump is the antichrist ... he’s going to hell!" All because he won an election he wasn't supposed to win. Democrats are election losers. And desperate times call for desperate measures … and that’s what's happening now … with this caravan of border-crashers … Continue reading Liberal Desperation

Liberal Fascism … It’s Real

Liberalism sits on a violent edge. They’ve shot at congresspeople … run government officials out of public facilities … attacked them in their yards … and called for public disorder. And you're supposed to vote them into power. They’ve smothered free speech … denied free assembly … and mocked religious convictions. So give the House … Continue reading Liberal Fascism … It’s Real

The Bullet We Dodged

Take a whiff! It doesn’t smell like low-tide anymore.  The Trump counter-insurgency  has ushered in cleaner air … and less stink. And Hillary Clinton is no where in sight! Donald Trump’s been marvelously unconventional in his counter-argument to the progressive idiocy of the Obama abomination. In a quick two years, he’s aerated US foreign policy … … Continue reading The Bullet We Dodged


April may be the time that tries men's souls ... but this January comes in as a close second. “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and … Continue reading THE TIMES THAT TRY MEN’S SOULS

SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome – Scary Black Apparatus

“The Western world has lost its civic courage . . . . [it] is particularly noticeable among the ruling and intellectual elite, causing an impression of a loss of courage by the entire society.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn That’s us. Uncourageous civic cowards. Societal skulkers. Cultural invertebrates. American liberals have this handy habit of excusing themselves from … Continue reading SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome – Scary Black Apparatus

The Underoo Army Threatens America

            They've been all talk, no action for the longest time ...   Everyone's seen them ... street-cloggers dashing around in Road Warrior costumes … pounding garbage-pail tops with Fisher-Price drumsticks … armored in kiddie shoulder pads and clowned-up in goofy swim goggles ... as though they’re seriously-mad soldiers of … Continue reading The Underoo Army Threatens America


THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA Camille Paglia, the renowned social commentator, almost gets it right. In fact, she nearly stepped on the answer herself … in her very own words. It is true. There’s a new generation that loathes America … and they don’t even know why … because they’ve been more indoctrinated than educated. … Continue reading THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA

About Those Statues

  The Civil War took place when this nation was in the bumpiness of maturing. It was as much an economic conflict as it was any other. Slavery was most certainly one of the compelling issues ... but it was not the lone issue. There is, in this nation, a certain acknowledgement that different regions … Continue reading About Those Statues