God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Old Glory Still Survives

GUEST POST BY MIKE SACKETT God rest ye merry gentlemen America’s reborn A fervent hope, an answered prayer On starlit Christmas morn From sea to shining sea we stand By fields of yellow corn Oh tidings of comfort and joy Comfort and joy Oh tidings of comfort and joy God rest ye merry gentlemen Our … Continue reading God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Old Glory Still Survives

The President Who Wasn’t

The recent court ruling on ObamaCare jump-started a clever friend of mine … a Baltimoreon name Mike Sackett  … a silky-witty writer from The Old Line State of Maryland.  “With this stunning rebuke of Obama's dubiously-named Affordable Care Act, with his war on coal and opposition to the Keystone Pipeline crushed, with his Paris Climate … Continue reading The President Who Wasn’t

A Scuttle a’Coal – Guest Post

Guest Post from Mike Sackett  A Scuttle a’Coal Sophie, I done good tonight, the moon’s real full and the alley’s bright A scuttle a’ coal an’ I pinched some rye, it’s all fer you, I’ll start us a fire I see’s yer breath, it’s cold here inside, I got us a berth wit’ the morning … Continue reading A Scuttle a’Coal – Guest Post

“What Will They Think of Next?” NewFangledness

GUEST POST “My Twenty Three Years As An Orphan” ~ by Mike SackettI can’t decide if I’m seeing my old life as Walt and Mary’s late-hatching egg through smoke, fog or dust…but something is making those years hazy, so it might be all three. After popping out five Depression-era peeps in as many years, Mom and … Continue reading “What Will They Think of Next?” NewFangledness

You Don’t Know What You Missed…

Guest post: She gazes at fields of Brandywine corn in the dark, barely morn, and a sliver of sunlight catches the mirror in her attic bower her face pale as flour, she first turns away, then a glance on the run she’s tidy and slender, her hair in a bun she’s a seamstress, bow-maker, a … Continue reading You Don’t Know What You Missed…

Lady Mirage

Guest post: The lady strolled in sepia, through a Technicolor crowd A woman from another time, another place allowed A gentleman to tip his hat, with hope to catch her eye And earn the slightest hint of smile, as she goes walking by He had no hat to tip, as the pavement lay beyond her … Continue reading Lady Mirage

Parts Unknown

Guest Post: Part of me is gone, you know I’ve left for parts unknown, and though You hear my voice, you rub my hands I’m living in forgotten lands, where Voices only I will know, are laughing loud And whispering low, you look concerned You shouldn’t be, exchanging glances I don’t see With unseen faces … Continue reading Parts Unknown