Hillary: Bury Her For Good

For the last quarter century, she's slithered in and out of seedy circumstances … webbing her power … and chessing herself toward the presidency. It was Obama ... and this woman's malignant ambition ... that has brought us here.   To this ugly, violent moment of uneasy soul-searching. Revealing a disturbing vulnerability we thought impossible. … Continue reading Hillary: Bury Her For Good

Kavanaugh and the Camel’s Back

That didn’t take very long. The liberal bludgeoners made quick work of Brett Kavanaugh. Dragged him through the streets at full tilt. Stripped him of his dignity. Then strung up his career. And just like that, his life was changed … forever. And perhaps ours as well. These are American jihadists … and this is … Continue reading Kavanaugh and the Camel’s Back


An unfunny thing happened on the way to the Supreme Court. Democrats can no longer win elections … so they’ve decided that they no longer have consequences. At least not in this moment. They’re all about destroying any process that doesn’t deliver them their satisfaction. They don’t care at all about fairness … or decency … Continue reading DUPED