Kavanaugh and the Camel’s Back

That didn’t take very long.

The liberal bludgeoners made quick work of Brett Kavanaugh. Dragged him through the streets at full tilt. Stripped him of his dignity. Then strung up his career.


And just like that, his life was changed … forever. And perhaps ours as well.

These are American jihadists …

and this is what they do.

They’re self-appointed saviors … uninvited guardians of a new and chilling edition of jurisprudence that includes a repulsive variation of virtue and justice. 

They will correct America. Rescue us from our constitutional abyss … and deliver us from old white men who think facts have more authority than whims and vagaries.

They’ll liberate us from the stale codes of Hammurabi, Moses, and Draco … and spare us the musty wisdom of Confucius and Justinian. 

Then America can follow the preachings and teachings of Cory Booker … and Dick Durbin … and Senator Mazie Hirono … “The Sophist of the Pacific”.

We’ll be commanded to relish the integrity of Richard Blumenthal … the honorableness of Dianne Feinstein … and the majestic intellect of Sheldon Whitehouse.

These are the statutory giants to lead us to the promised land of open borders, lavish socialism, and uneven equality … once they’re finished with this Kavanaugh guy.

You see, they’re not done. 

Jihadists are never done. 

Now they’re tearing at Kavanaugh’s flesh. Thrashing him as an aggressive alcoholic, a probable rapist, and a likely pedophile.

Cartoon Two.png
They’ve crushed his family, intimidated his friends … and trashed his reputation.

The old Brett Kavanaugh has been replaced by a grotesque caricature … ready to be drawn and quartered by cheap-seat low-lifes who’ve decided their political ambitions warrant that sort of human spectacle.

The media is beside itself with anticipation.

And all of this is very fair because … in the court of public madness … innuendo morphs into fact, insinuation becomes evidence, and truth is anything anyone wants it to be.

It took just a matter of days to pull this man apart. Not long ago he was headed to a moment of historical distinction … before he was dispatched by political assassins.

And they’re still just warming up.

They’ve scrubbed decency and civility from government … and replaced it with a Salem-like delirium … because mob-idiocy is their antitoxin to a shithole nation like America.

This nation is now stuck in this looping deja vu of lunacy … and somehow … some way … America is going to be the better for this moment.

No, we’re not.

This is a madness.

A prelude to the irrationality that lies just beyond today.


The Progressive-Left sits on a violent edge. They’ve shot at congresspeople … run government officials out of public facilities … attacked them in their yards … and called for public disorder.

They’ve smothered free speech … denied free assembly … and mocked religious convictions. 

They prefer force to logic … violence to debate … and chaos to ordered procedures. 

And it’s all media-glorified.

Served up daily as the essential antidote to a disagreeable election that shocked them all. A way to ridicule those who rejected a lying grifter … and chose instead a candidate who spoke the language of the people.

And that election signaled a very important truth:

These American jihadis will never rudder this nation. 

And they had better mind the camel’s back.

Denis Ian

h/t Michelle Moore

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