Lady Mirage

Guest post:

The lady strolled in sepia, through a Technicolor crowd
A woman from another time, another place allowed
A gentleman to tip his hat, with hope to catch her eye
And earn the slightest hint of smile, as she goes walking by
He had no hat to tip, as the pavement lay beyond her
He had no breath to power words, no poetry to ponder
Should he turn and clear his throat, before she melts away?
But no, he kept on walking, not knowing what to say
That evening in a tavern, with bitters in his glass
He sat alone, clicking teeth, and thinking of the lass
Glancing at a window, he spied her through the frost
Walking very fast she was, he feared she might be lost
Bolting from the tavern, his coat still on his arm
He stood there like a statue, as she eyed him with alarm
“I-I,” was all he stammered, her eyes grew bright with mirth
“You-you,” he struggled once again, for all that he was worth
“You’re quite the charmer aren’t you?” she said, then turned away
He quickly donned his coat and called, “Oh lady, please do stay!”
She slowed her pace and glanced back, “You can walk along beside”
“The daylight soon is fading, and I mustn’t miss the tide”
They walked the cove in silence, on a jetty by the sea
To a houseboat in the harbor, “There, my mother waits for me”
“I-I,” he stammered once again, the lady touched his cheek
“You really are a poet…I’ll see you in a week”
He watched her go, “I really am,” he whispered, “You saw it from the start”
“The poetry is here, you know…it’s trapped inside my heart”


Written by: Mike Sackett

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