Cardboard Children

Check your child for neck bolts … the educational Frankensteins are at it again. Forget geography, composition, and math … school is now all about feelings. And emotions. And attitudes. It’s the hot-rage in education … the creepy premise that schools can instill acceptable human emotions and reactions in your child because … I guess … Continue reading Cardboard Children

National Database Clearinghouse: Google Pizza Runs Your Life

Guest Post; The following CALLER & GOOGLE excerpt has been floating in cyberspace with different versions since 2007. Original author unknown. The final paragraph was added by Michelle as a timely reminder that should probably be sent to Federal Legislators and State Boards of Education and perhaps local boards. Maybe they will care when this … Continue reading National Database Clearinghouse: Google Pizza Runs Your Life

Under Pressure

The day started as it always does … bumping around in the dark. The coffee was still too hot to sip … and there was this … this mother’s growl in the dark … “… this morning … find multiple parents complaining about excessive Kindergarten homework 6-7 handouts, writing assignments … and 1.5 hours of … Continue reading Under Pressure

A Grave New World

The entire universe of education has been turned inside out over the last decade. Long-revered pedagogical precepts have been blue-penciled by classroom-allergic theorists now leveraged by profiteers who see public schools as the next sustainable profit-producing mother lode. And the political class … put into office by all of us … has mocked our vote … Continue reading A Grave New World

This Needed To Be Said Long Ago …

This needed to be said long ago ... I dig Islamic history. And I’m not a diversity pusher. Nor a globalist. I’m no liberal or progressive. And I believe America is the finest place on the planet. But I still dig Islamic stuff. And Japanese stuff. And Dutch stuff. And Spanish stuff. The stuff I … Continue reading This Needed To Be Said Long Ago …

After School Routine

Here's an after-school routine that'll shock you some ... Grab ‘em by the ankles … turn ‘em upside down … and give a mighty shake. Do it every day … for a week or two … and see what tumbles out of their little noggins. Have a good stare. Too many schools aren’t just schools … Continue reading After School Routine