Make It Stop!

Look how cavalier we’ve become about childhood. How liberally we allow others to guinea-pig our children … and how uncourageous we are in their protection. Too many reckless people toy with their innocence, tamper with their sexuality, and monkey around with their learning. Too many are too determined to over-water their brains … and starve … Continue reading Make It Stop!

Social Justice Junk

It's everywhere. No longer a one-off sort of story. Lots wonder ... What the hell has happened to their schools? And their children’s innocence? And their education? There’s rot leeching into your schools … helped along by social justice junkies who politicize classrooms … and dangle and yank your kids around. Bending their minds ... … Continue reading Social Justice Junk

We’re Doing This All Wrong.

We’re doing this all wrong. Some day .... somehow … education will discover a proper obsession.   Until then … children will suffer these testing-despots … and too many adults will make believe it’s all okay. And it’s not. But let’s be certain about this … there are some things in life that just can't … Continue reading We’re Doing This All Wrong.

A Grave New World

The entire universe of education has been turned inside out over the last decade. Long-revered pedagogical precepts have been blue-penciled by classroom-allergic theorists now leveraged by profiteers who see public schools as the next sustainable profit-producing mother lode. And the political class … put into office by all of us … has mocked our vote … Continue reading A Grave New World

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Let's act like some steam-punks ...  and do some time travel. It seems that present day educrats … think  Arne Duncan, John King, and Bill Gates … might have channeled a dusty figure from the past. Meet Horace Mann who ... at times ... could actually be a pretty horrid man. Mann, a mid-nineteenth century peacock, was perhaps America’s … Continue reading Déjà Vu All Over Again