Vulgar Washington

 Washington is thoroughly vulgar. Repugnant. Outright vile.



A fraternity of toxic personalities … where few are healthy, most are toxic, and maturity so rare that it goes unrecognized.

It has been absent serious leadership for nearly a decade. No standard-bearer for principles that matter to a great many.

Just the incessant hum of imperial oratory that’s droned the nation into a cultural coma that’s lasted too, too long … and became too absurd.

And that snotty aloofness has been abetted by a fraternity of sycophants who trashed congress, scorned logic, bent the law, and disdained the Constitution.

There has emerged this self-adoring Second Estate … the elected and appointed nobility … whose membership seems eternal … hanging around for generations … getting ever richer and ever more removed from reality.

They now possess no sense of duty other than to poison their obligation to govern … and to inflate their importance. And they amuse one another with feigned rage … before joining together to mock all of us.

And we pay their wages. How sad is that?

Shock is their currency … best exampled by their defense of gender-confused bathroom crashers … and their queer protection of free speech for those here illegally, but not for actual citizens who dare speak in opposition to their illogical madness.

And worst of all … the governing elites imagine themselves above those who actually installed them.

Now there is special upset in the City of Hysterics because some outsider won’t honor the inside deviancy … or pay homage to the psychoneurotics of the hierarchy.

It’s more than a commotion … this is the worst crisis of their contorted lives.

Trump Only.jpg

They are filled with angst and dread that their worn act might be yanked off stage … and they’ll be left with lives less glamorous, less lime-lighted … which was precisely the aim of those who voted not so long ago for a Washington outsider named Donald Trump.

Trump is here because they are there.

Denis Ian




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