Tipping Point

So … when does the tipping-point tip?

Probably when our heads explode.


The Grievance Game has some new players … Oberlin College undergraduates … who cough up 70k per year to bitch with the best.

These privileged brats have certainly purchased the privilege to feel unprivileged to live in overly-privileged America.

“When our field hockey team stood for the national anthem Saturday, it didn’t feel right. We didn’t feel proud to be standing for America because we didn’t feel that America offers anything worth being proud of.”

I honestly don’t know what to say.

It’s all so absurd. So goofy. So sulky-cranky-stupid.

“Simply standing for the flag because it’s what we’ve been conditioned to do isn’t enough for us anymore. Because we can’t stand for all of America, we kneel.”

What pouty crap. You wanna cover your ears and hope it all just goes away.

But it doesn’t.

It’s seeped all the way down to the prepubescent population … where 11 year-old footballers are taking a knee to protest … I dunno … the shape of the ball? Their short height? Their early bed-times?

Petulant politics. Non-stop. Twenty four-seven. On every level imaginable. Those witchy folks in Salem are looking pretty mild on the cuckoo scale.

It’s a bog of immaturity.

It’s everywhere … late-night TV, the NFL, Hollywood … and now it’s invaded prissy-privileged, collegiate field hockey.

The great horror is to feel left out. To not bitch and whine and criticize with the best of the imbeciles. That’s the worst of the worst … because being pissy is the new surly … so even the very privileged can be pissed off at their own privilege … and look cool.

And now … the few big people left in this society don’t wanna come out of their houses … because it’s just so silly-asinine out there. And I can’t blame ‘em.

America is a batch of brats. Cheap-shot artists trying to one-up yesterday’s shock … and pretty much making asses of themselves … like these Oberlin idiots.

Everyone wants in on the act … and the act is getting old.

We’ve been thru Caesar-Trump in the park, decapitated Trump, and SNL Trump. Even wives and children get beaten up … because no target is out-of-bounds.

Everyone is more important than everyone else … and so is their opinion. So all we get is this perpetual hum of bitchiness punctuated by some spectacular instance of extremely bad taste.

It’s not even real politics any more.

This nation is dying. Dying from an endless parade of fools. Dying from a very bad habit of making politics the front-and-center issue of our lives. We are so off balance.

So freakin’ freaky.

Denis Ian

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