The Underoo Army Threatens America



          They’ve been all talk, no action for the longest time …  

Everyone’s seen them … street-cloggers dashing around in Road Warrior costumes … pounding garbage-pail tops with Fisher-Price drumsticks … armored in kiddie shoulder pads and clowned-up in goofy swim goggles … as though they’re seriously-mad soldiers of fright.

Those are the AntiFa farcists … comically militarized in papier-mâché helmets.  


These are your libtard graduates. The Kool-Aid Kids. The witless social justice jokesters.


And now they’ve joined their aimless Euro brothers and sisters … and railing non-stop against the very society that supplied them with this idle time to indulge in their fantasies of cultural rebellion.

They were anti-cultured in university petri dishes  … and funded by leftist malcontents. They are disconnected, disaffected, and disturbed dweebs … who taunt declawed law enforcement … while camera-strutting in their stoogie outfits for their sympathetic media co-conspirators.


Here’s Keith Ellison, the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, proudly posing with his very own copy of posted of the “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.”  His Che poster is right over his bunk-bed.

One day, this comic commotion will end … because some dweeb-punk-idiot will finger-poke the wrong chest one day …

Wrong Guy.jpgand ignite the wrong guy. … and all hell will break loose … and reality will catch up with all of them extra-quick.

That well-deserved ass-kicking will be a very amusing.


DO NOT count on law enforcement to save your sorry asses from your  beat-down … because … what goes around, comes around. And what’s comin’ ’round is real-deal justice.  

Nice costumes.

Denis Ian

h/t Michelle Moore.


4 thoughts on “The Underoo Army Threatens America

  1. I’m amused at the prospect of a left-leaning group of gun-control advocates attempting to declare a sort of war on the most advanced military in the world, and Trump supporters who are the most armed civilian group in the world.

    This protest will barely fizzle. If it fizzles too much, it will immediately be squashed by police, military, and patriots.

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