Cognitive Privilege … Excuse de Jour

Here we go again. Progressive-liberal nonsense de jour.

Remember this Obama thud? … “… if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.”

That sort of garbage logic is still around … polluting circumstances of all sorts … excusing ne’er-do-wells and the profoundly lazy from any kind of responsible acceptance of their own failings.

An oratorical lurch to justify favoring some over others … excusing some and not others.

Excuses. Excuses. And more excuses.

Now it seems some Asian-American parents have decided to challenge the so-called “level playing field” … that disturbing practice of overly-favoring the less talented over the more successful.

That justification for lowering standards for some, while raising them for others so that in some situations … in this case college admissions … it looks more like “the world of diversity” some insist must be created on campus.

So, are you ready for this?

There now exists … sit down! …

“Cognitive privilege”.
Did you get that?
“Cognitive privilege”.

The argued point that some of us are simply born with these excelling qualities.

That some virtues are congenital. Innate. Intrinsic.

And others … well …. others are not so blessed. Cheated. Disadvantaged.

That some are born into such extraordinary circumstances that success is … unavoidable. Inevitable for some … but not for others.


This is the sort of crap we have endured because some societal engineers refuse to acknowledge the natural unevenness of talent in the human race … and the human variables of our existence.

They’d rather ignore obvious realities than admit to themselves … and to the not-so-achieving … that there are some among us who own a special sort of ambition to excel. And that there are also some who are only vaguely familiar with such ambitions. And lots who are downright allergic to aspirations of any sort.

And it seems true that some talents might be God-given … or at least somewhat unexplainable … and imbued in some and not others. Perhaps singing talent … maybe artistic talents … or even simple physical advantages for certain sports.

But even with those gifts there still remains a need for ambition … a drive to excel … to develop those gifts. And that demands hard work. Discipline. Self-command.

But the progressive propagandists would rather drag everyone down to a sub-par standard than have anyone labeled as excellent. Or superior. Or distinguished. image

Because that would wound some of the less gifted. The ones without ambition or drive. And that bit of reality shouldn’t ever exist. It’s too harsh. Too real. Too paralyzing and too traumatic.

And this is all guarded by the guilting shadow of political correctness which prevents those who see the obvious absurdity from speaking up … and championing excellence and merit.

And so those who brought us such crap-nonsense as “white privilege” and “grammar discrimination” and the “reading disadvantaged” will undoubtedly continue on this asinine path and voodoo up even more nonsense to explain away the real human condition.

These are the kinds of unspotlighted issues that were, in fact, part of the presidential election last fall. And they have not been resolved.

In fact, the progressive left seems more insisting than ever that any contact with reality must be mattressed with a feathered bed of excuses.

America is not buying this crap anymore.


Denis Ian
h/t Michelle Moore & Tina Terry

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