Liberals Murdered Kate Steinle

Kate Steinle had dreams, too.

But liberals murdered her.


They orchestrated that tragedy … set it all in motion … because they prized their ideology more than they valued her life. And they are without regret … or remorse … because liberals are never wrong.

So a daughter is dead because arrogant liberals provided sanctuary for a seven-time felon … who was deported five times. They protected a drug dealer … but sacrificed Kate Steinle so they could preserve their image as cultural antagonists.



And this is not the first time.

Nor will it be the last.

These pious elitists have devalued this society.

They’re the real-deal fascists. The totalitarians.

The intransigent overlords of modern America.

And they are the most malicious force in this society.

They champion what ever will shame us … or endanger us … or damn us. They’ve declared America the plague of the planet … and they our only saviors.

They mock the American family … insult their values … and denigrate their faith. They choose identity over merit, feelings over facts, and opinions over the truth.

They laugh at indecency, defy the laws of nature, and embrace deviancy. They promote pornography as art … coarsen our lives … and insist that crude is cool.

They are biased, prejudiced, and partisan … and quick to rage when their own inconsistencies find them in contempt of the truth.

They command that we think this and say that, … and care what they care about. Liberals declare their perspective singular in its perfection … and those who see matters differently must be of lesser intellect.

They praise tolerance but practice bigotry. Champion diversity but demand orthodoxy. And they have a special reverence for every culture but their own.

They abhor self-discipline but demand strict obedience. They belittle honor and distinction … but wink at depravity and perversion. They have become culturally numb.


 American liberals are now contrarian clowns marooned in make-believe relevance.

Their time is done.


Denis Ian & Michelle Moore

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