The American Coup

America is under siege.

Liberal zealots and their abetting bureaucrats will destroy the democratic pillars of this nation because this presidency threatens their political influence … and checks their social domination.

They are willing to sacrifice this nation in order to destroy Donald Trump.

This nation is in the midst of a conspiratorial coup d’état. A surreptitious Constitutional challenge from the Far Left. And as days pass, they become more reckless … less restrained … and more corrupt.

They threaten America.


It’s time time to be alarmed by a hard-core political class … elected and appointed … that has weaponized essential federal agencies. They’ve contorted the Constitution, broken laws, endangered national security … and polluted this nation with destructive  ideologies that could forever change the character of America.

They are a national danger.

This challenge … by powerful federal departments … defies the citizens of this nation.

Extremists seek to nullify an election … and invalidate your vote.

Annul your choice for president. 

And to that end, they’ve weaponized our government to see to their political designs.

They are traitors.

They have used the IRS to intimidate political opposition. Installed activist judges to defy legitimate presidential orders. Empowered the Department of Justice to ignore laws … and deny justice. And they have permissioned the CIA and the FBI to invent political intrigue in order to subvert an elected president.

The dispense justice selectively … and openly protect those who break the law but honor a certain ideology.

Robert Mueller and others have thrown down the gauntlet … at your feet. And they dare you to stop them. They have no fear of you at all.

They have sabotaged the Constitution of the United States.


It’s time to restore law and order, reestablish the principles of justice, and demand an apolitical federal bureaucracy … and to renew the principles embodied in the Constitution.

This nation is on the verge.


Denis Ian

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