Elites – Know-It-Alls


And it’s been this way since man was tossed from Eden.

There are those who command others to do what they would never do themselves.

These are the elites who foam up in every society … no matter how egalitarian it’s all supposed to be. The ones who set down commandments … and then exempt themselves simply because they can.

They’re the know-it-alls who impose, foist, decree … and inflict. The obnoxious sorts who conjure up these imbecilic experiments which almost always go wrong … but who keep insisting that it’s all going very well.

And, of course, they’re too privileged to experience their own handiwork first-hand … that’s for others to endure.  So they are ever self-excused … while we are ever-ordealed.


This is a historical reality.

Study any nation, any civilization, any empire … and you‘ll see this slippery slope emerge. And it’s essential for us to be ever alert because … left uncorrected … the poison of privilege collapses every society.

This nation is need of repair … and a return to the principles that made it unique among all others.  Gropey celebrities, piggish politicians, and offended football millionaires are symptoms of a society diseased by elitism. Perhaps they should rejoin us in reality.

If Common Core was force-fed to the elites, it would be gone.

If legislated healthcare was required of the elites, it would be the most thoughtful bit of legislation ever.

If military conscription was required across the board, there would be more diplomacy and fewer wars.

Last year’s stunning election is finally coming into full focus. It was … in truth … a revolution masquerading as an election. It was a statement about elitism … and corruption … and poor behavior. And that trio always travels together.

It’s too easy to see those who have separated their existence from our own. Those who have declared themselves exempt from the realities that challenge the rest of us.  Those who think their position permits behaviors without consequence.

And that’s most obvious among the political class … the public “servants” who mostly serve themselves.

Perhaps we should let these political elitists marry … so they can consummate their political incestuousness.

Then we can leave them all behind … and go about saving our country … and our children.

Because there is no time to waste. And elitists waste our time.

Denis Ian

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