We’re Finally Allergic to Stupid

Take a whiff!
It doesn’t smell like low tide anymore. Politically speaking.

The Trump counter-insurgency to the liberal lunacy of the last decade has ushered in cleaner air … and less stink.
And Hillary Clinton is lying in the mirror … not in the White House!


Donald Trump’s been marvelously unconventional in his counter-argument to the progressive idiocy of the Obama abomination.

In a quick year and a half, he’s aerated US foreign policy … pulled the pants down on the media … and neutralized the cultural pollution.

And now this immigration nonsense … this asinine display by liberals to grind our government to a halt over illegals … has blown up in their faces.

America is finally awake.

ISIS has vanished, jobs have comeback,  and political correctness has gone the way of the race card and the pussy hat. Hollywood’s been humiliated …  colleges are less weepy … and the liberal Left looks like exhausted clowns. Oh! And the United Nations  has been put on notice … the bullshit stops.

The liberal defense of the MS-13 animals is pissin’ liberals off  … and who doesn’t love that? Government agencies are being held accountable …. and bureaucratic partisans are under the microscope. … and some about to be indicted.

Lock ’em all up!

Wacky executive orders have been rolled back.  Leftist idiocy  …  like sanctuary cities and “chain immigration” … is under scrutiny.

And America is loving it.

We finally have a president who doesn’t have this daily compulsion to drop into our lives like an America Mao … and shove government down our throats day-after-day-after-day.

And at long last! … there are grown-ups on the job … real-deal adults with more talent than ideology. Professionals who simply do their jobs without lining up for medals at swishy White House egoparties so they can pat one another on the back-side … and high-five foul-mouthed rappers masquerading as musical talent.

The immature political antics of the liberal-left are laughed at. Foul-mouth comics backfire on them.  People mock their weepy podium-performances. image

Silly-ass sit-ins on the floor of the house of Representatives make folks scream with laughter. There are fewer crazies clogging the streets and airports … fewer busted windows and over-turned cars … and less moon howling.  Even naughty Antifa has hung up their Underoo costumes and returned to their jobs at Starbucks … but not before they have a sensitivity tune-up. Too funny.

The Black Lives screamers finally have laryngitis, noisy illegals have stopped torching the American flag, and kneeling millionaires know they’ve screwed the pooch. 

The gender-screwballs have mostly shut the hell up and stopped playing eenie-meenie-miney-mo with public bathrooms. But they still argue about who’s a girl and who’s not … and if there are 40 or 50 sexual identities.

The loathed media have been completely de-balled … and who doesn’t love that?

 The borders  aren’t leaking like sieves. Nonsense regulations have been scrubbed. And Obama’s legacy is now a residue.

Schumer’s out of tears. Nancy Pelosi suffers brain farts. Sanders is on the take. And Elizabeth Warren can’t find her Pocahontas dress.

The economy is in high gear …  taxes are headed down …  the Supreme Court looks more like America … and country has its swagger back.

Only liberals are unhappy with our happiness.

We’re finally telling  weasel nations to go straight to hell … and we’ve stopped bowing to the world  … and offering endless mea culpas for imaginary sins.

American business feels brawny again … unemployment is the lowest ever … and the stock market is chugging along. Optimism is back in style.

 And …

President Trump has decided stop doling out American dollars to nations that spit in our face.

How great is that?

We’ve stopped goofy redistribution schemes like climate change and lop-sided trade agreements that sent American jobs overseas. Oh! And school lunches taste like food again. 

Trump has told Europe to buck up and to grow a pair … and face the Muslim medievalists who’ve ghettoized the once-gorgeous cities of their continent.

But the Euro-brats won’t listen because they think America will always be there to rescue their sorry-asses from their own foolishness. Think again!

This is not the moment for them to assume much of anything about the New America. image

We’re finally allergic to stupid.

So breathe in the fresh aroma of high tide … and notice how cleaner the world looks. How less depressing it all feels.

It’s good to be Obama-free. Very good.

Denis Ian

One thought on “We’re Finally Allergic to Stupid

  1. I enjoyed your comments today, as always, and agree, as always. Trump is really a good antidote to former Pres. Obama. If he stays in office for two terms, maybe America will recover her common sense of prior times.

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