If Not You, Who? This Is A School, Not China

This is a school.

It has no secret powers over you … or your child.


A mother was threatened by school officials because she expressed her opinion on Facebook.  

She was “warned” that she might be banned from the campus … and perhaps barred from school activities … if she didn’t smother her opinions. And she did just that … because she feared for her child.

    This isn’t China.

These professionals … superintendents, principals, and teachers …  are paid with your tax dollars. They are here to service you and your child.

They should expect to be questioned and confronted and asked to explain their policies and decisions … because they answer to you … THE PARENTS.

If they are into threats … however subtle … especially against a child … then they are certainly in the wrong line of work.

And should they ever demand that your own child go against your wishes … in any way … then they have forfeited your cooperation  … and your trust. And they should be relieved of authority … because you are the ultimate authority over the schools you own.

They must realize that a child is the single most important treasure in the lives of parents. The child is their life … their core. If they are unwilling to understand that … or if they are unable … then what are they doing in this field?

This public institution exists for children.

Not for teachers … or principals … or unions … or superintendents … or state big-shots. FOR CHILDREN.

If that ceases to be their focus then they have betrayed a special covenant with parents and with the community. 


Stop fearing them.

Stop cowering.

You have regency over your child … you have proof of ownership … you are, until a later moment, the guiding  force in their lives.

Stand up for your son or daughter. Teach them how to parent … show them how you protect them … and see to the necessities of their young lives.

And if anyone gets in your way …. and suggests they have more regency over your child … DON’T. HOLD. BACK. EVER.

Denis Ian 

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