The Teacher Union War On Parents

Is there a suicide prevention hot-line for teacher unions? There oughta be. “A half-century ago, teachers unions had a place in the American public. Now they have forgotten their place … going from protectors … to enablers of greed and malfeasance.” Half of America now sees teacher unions in a negative light. And the unions … Continue reading The Teacher Union War On Parents

The Pontificating Teacher-Snot

Meet Gregory Salcido … a pontificating teacher-snot who strutted tuff-tuff in front of a high school history class of sixteen-year-olds. Talking big … talking rough … talking smart-ass … and mocking the very warriors who protect his right to open his foul mouth … and let his spectacular ignorance spill out. “Think about the people … Continue reading The Pontificating Teacher-Snot

Common Core: The Zombie Reform

Common Core just won’t die. It’s alive, alright. Maybe under an alias, but it’s the same old poison … spawning troubling stuff.  Half-time band-shows that disrespect law enforcement. Kindergarten teachers hosting “Transition” ceremonies … for a five-year-old boy who fancies himself a girl. How about Black Lives Matter curriculum guides?  Hijab days? Sanctuary elementary schools? Co-ed bathrooms? Or fifth graders … Continue reading Common Core: The Zombie Reform

ALERT! Teen Brains Under Construction

No one is a bigger fan of teenagers than I am.  I taught that age group for thirty years. They have fat hearts, kind souls, lots of decency ... and some own genuine sincerity ... most of the time. But they're young .... and easily herded ... and not as wise to the world as … Continue reading ALERT! Teen Brains Under Construction

The Perverse Children’s Crusade – Hamster-Wheeling For Progressivism

Guest post: Michelle Moore Kiss your children good-bye and whisper Godspeed  ... they've been drafted by the Far Left ... without your permission. Again. Liberal-progressives intend to use YOUR schools and YOUR children to protest the Bill of Rights - namely the Second Amendment. On YOUR dime. April 20, 2018, marks the 19th anniversary of Columbine … Continue reading The Perverse Children’s Crusade – Hamster-Wheeling For Progressivism

If Not You, Who? This Is A School, Not China

This is a school. It has no secret powers over you ... or your child. A mother was threatened by school officials because she expressed her opinion on Facebook.   She was "warned" that she might be banned from the campus ... and perhaps barred from school activities ... if she didn't smother her opinions. … Continue reading If Not You, Who? This Is A School, Not China

The Archfiend DeVos

Stand back! Exploding heads! For public education, there are two certainties: Seismic changes are underway … and Betsy DeVos will be blamed for all of it. The anti-DeVos psychotics are relentless. Their opposition is now more reflexive than anything else. They've been pavloved into rage ... howling at any mention of DeVos. It's become a … Continue reading The Archfiend DeVos

What’s Happened To Us?

What's happened to us? How did we sink into such an ugly circumstance that we dare use words like “grit and rigor” in the same sentence as “child”? Who thought that was a good idea? And who permissioned that so-called “good idea” to become part of childhood education? Childhood has no reality. It’s not supposed … Continue reading What’s Happened To Us?

Lost Beans

On September 2nd, Diane Ravitch lost her beans. And she's never found them again. She skidded off into a rabid rant about Trump supporters and some "grizzled old man" in "a beaten-up, dirty truck" who "must have gone to public schools" because he didn't "look like a graduate of Andover or Exeter." I'll let you … Continue reading Lost Beans