Who Owns Your Kids? Hint: It’s Not You

Who owns your kids? You think you do …

but do you really?

That’s not a pot-stirring question. But it’s something you’d better consider. Fast. Because … the answer’s getting pretty murky.

Birth certificates used to be proof of authority. That piece of paper that gave you parental regency over your child … and the right to raise that child according to your values …. and to guide that child as you saw fit … until they could manage this world on their own.


It seems you’re not fit enough. But others are. (video link)  So step aside … they’ll take over.

“… A new proposal in Delaware … would allow children, through the assistance of their school, to change their gender or race without informing that child’s parents.”

And some LGBT clown … on national television … actually defended the right of schools to over-rule parents … in order to protect children … from their parents. Yup … to protect your children from YOU.

You’re the bad guys. And they’re the good guys. Got it?

And this isn’t the first instance of school over-reach.

Some teachers have done away with “him and her” … or any variation … in their classrooms. We now have “sanctuary schools”. Who do you think might be the school mascot? Quasimodo?


I imagine it’s to get kids familiar with the new lexicon of activism. But I’m still stuck on “Tag” … which was outlawed as being too … too touchy. Yup, because some creep saw something creepy in kids playing tag … so … it’s gone.

Others discourage “best friends”   because they leave someone out. So it’s better that you’re child skip that bit of childhood … because it highlights friendlessness, I guess.

And  don’t dare read to your child  No! No! No! It disadvantages other children. And did you know that recess is a terrible waste of childhood? And that “grit and rigor” are very good things for five year olds? Yup! Way better than Red Rover and rhyme time or “Show and Tell”. Or best friends.

But it gets way more serious. One mother’s tale:

“I can’t take the health curriculum! They are promoting abortions! My daughter questioned her grade of a missed question on her test … All the answers were supposedly right but the one with abortion being an option to fix a pregnancy was the best choice … so my daughter got it wrong. She told her teacher abortions are against her religion and the way she was raised … and the teacher said the kids are living under rocks if they don’t think abortions are an option … “ Hmmm.

Too many schools see nothing wrong with this stuff. In fact, they’ll rail about their “higher aspirations” for education … and the “new consciousness” their cultivating for the new world that’s under construction. The one they’re building for your children. Without your permission.


This goes on in the schools you pay for … by teachers and school leaders in your employ. And they haven’t a blush about sneering at parents who don’t share their vision of the world.

Remember when these folks worked for us and not for some ideology? Remember when it was all all about kid stuff? And childhood was unbothered by ideological hucksters?

But now they’re here … and they’re taking advantage of the chaos in education brought about by a lousy reform … and a society-splitting political moment that allows them some easy slither.


It might be a good idea to laminate that birth certificate … and wear it around you neck when you visit your child’s school. As a reminder. That you’re the Mom and the Dad. And that you’re in charge.

And they’re not.

Denis Ian



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